Sunday 3 April 2016

My Sunday Photo 2016 #14


I love that when it comes to anything practical my kids take after their father, I have always been better at the academic side of things. So having recently got myself a car, we had enough room between two cars to fit in 3 bikes, a scooter and all of the kids. With this in mind we decided to take the children out during the week (once the wind had died down), for them to practice their bike riding skills.
The above photo is of my eight year old. Having only been on a bike without stabilisers once before, she was doing a fantastic job of pedalling round on a somewhat uneven surface. And what was even better, when she did happen to fall off, she hopped straight back on again. Unlike her mum who was sworn off bicycles when she happened to go over the handle bars one day.

Makes me proud to see my kids so determined to succeed in all that they do and not being put off by any mistakes or accidents. You can see in the distance my six year old trying her hardest to do the same with the help of stabilisers, she very much wants to be like her older sister's but hasn't quite gained the confidence to take off those extra wheels just yet.

Yet another first being ticked off, it's surprising sometimes just how many of these sorts of moments we have to enjoy with our kids, wondering what the next thing will be?


  1. Lovely to see children out and about again after the long winter! #MySundayPhoto

  2. What a great thing to see. Can't wait till we can get out biking and scooting

    Thank you for linking up

  3. Well done for jumping back on after a fall.

  4. Fab photo! Well done to her for getting back on x

  5. It's great to see them out enjoying the great outdoors. Well done to them for trying so hard with their cycling :)

  6. Such a great moment when they get the hang of it! Lovely seeing that big smile and sense of achievement.

  7. I need to get my boy out on his bike he nearly had it just before winter set in and it been in shed ever since, so decision made family time at park with the bikes this Sunday thanks for the great photo to remind me.

  8. My son just went out biking yesterday after a long hiatus and it feels so scary again for me mostly and he did well! And i dont know how to bike. So that makes me really really proud of him.

    She looks comfortable here. Its so nice to have a warm weather to go back to activities like this!



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