Friday 13 May 2016

Siblings (May)

I can't believe we're in May already, this year is racing by! But it means that it is time for this months siblings project.
This month I couldn't pick just one photo as I think the three together tell a story perfectly. My girls have become fascinated with cheerleading recently, they watch many videos on YouTube and of course they like to try and copy some of the moves.

So the photographs below were taken at the end of a "show" that they were performing for me, which I might add was quite entertaining.

Goes to show how my children manage to entertain themselves without the need for technology, and I'm pretty sure lifting up their little sister gave my eldest two a good work out too! I was asked to join in but I didn't think they'd even be able to lift up one of my legs....

Looking back over the previous months sibling project photos compared to this one, I think my youngest is definitely looking more grown up, scary how much they can change within a matter of months.


  1. Cute photos! Love the cheerleading show! #SiblingProject

  2. This reminds me of me and my sisters, such a lovely bond and I hope my little ladies are this close X


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