Wednesday 29 June 2016

Caramel Hearts Book Review


Now I have two greats loves in my life, well after my kids and husband and they are books and cake so when I was asked if I'd like to review E. R. Murray's latest book Caramel Hearts it wasn't the toughest of decisions to make.

Live Bloom's life is even more complicated than that of your average fourteen year old: her father walked out on the family when she was young, her mother is in a recovery centre for alcoholics and her older sister is struggling to step into her mum's shoes. The only person she can turn to is her best friend Sarah, who gets out of scrapes at school and is a constant source of advice and companionship. One day Liv discovers a book of recipes written in her mum's handwriting, which sets her off on a journey towards self discovery and reconciliation - but a theft, a love rivalry and a school bully are just some of the obstacles on the way.

This book appealed to me both for the story itself and for the fact that it contained real recipes which the reader can of course try out and try out I did.

Liv is for all sorts and purposes your typical teenager but the things she is going through in her life aren't necessarily your average life events, they are shall we say complicated. 

Her mum is currently a recovering alcoholic and she seems to blame Liv for the fact that her husband, Liv's dad, walked out on them all these years ago. Now that's a hefty weight for a teenage girl to have on her shoulders.

Left in the care of her older sister Harriet, she is doing the best she can to get through each day, something made more difficult by her supposed friend and school bully Maddy.

When she happens to come across an old recipe book hidden in her mum's bedroom, it seems like life could be on the up. Liv now has a new focus, trying to recreate the recipes that her mum has written down, the only trouble, trying to buy the ingredients that she so desperately needs and of course there are other obstacles that happen to get in the way.

Caramel Hearts is a wonderful coming of age story that is truly touching. It is both heartfelt and funny. The book is a recipe in itself, the perfect mixture of teen angst throw in with friendship, family and plenty of drama. 

By the end you come to realise the true value of a good friendship and of course no matter how dysfunctional your family and life can seem, everything can indeed seem brighter with a bit of cake!

I've since tried two of the recipes in the book, both the caramel hearts and the peanut butter fudge and I'm pleased to say the both are delicious and I shall definitely be trying out the rest. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending this book to avid readers and cake fans too!


  1. I've seen this book mentioned on Twitter but thought it was an adult book. It sounds like my kind of story, books and baking are two of my passions too :)

  2. I've seen a lot about this book in twitter, it sounds right up my street especially as there are recipes too. Peanut butter fudge sounds amazing!

  3. I've heard about this book! I love the fact there's recipes to try out - Caramel heart sounds delicious! #ReadWithMe

  4. Honestly, I haven't heard of this book but it sounds intriguing. Actually, I might buy it very soon. :) Thank you for this nice review. #readwithme

  5. Sounds right up my street and those cakes look amazing! #readwithme

  6. What a clever idea to include recipes in the book too. Your caramel hearts look delicious. Hungry now and the book sounds great too

  7. What anamazing idea to include recipes too! Like the sound of the peanut butter fudge AND the book! Thanks for hosting #readwithme


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