Wednesday 29 June 2016

Dotty Detective Book Review


I was recently sent a new book for the kids to read and review, Dotty Detective is the first book in the latest series from Clara Vulliamy.

Dot loves super-sour apple sherberts, running fast and puzzles! And with the help of TOP DOG, McClusky, she is always up for unravelling a mystery. So when someone seems set on sabotaging the school show, Dot is determined to find out how and save the day!

Doroty Constance Mae Louise or Dot as she'd prefer you to call her seems like your pretty typical young girl. Just moving into a new flat with her mum, dog and twin brother and sister and starting at a new school we get to see just how life is for her.

Written in a mix of traditional story and diary entries, the book is told from the protagonist (Dot's) point of view. Here is what my ten year old thought of the story :


Dotty Detective is a wonderful book showing a girls ambition to be a detective with her dog and friend Bean (Ben). The story shows emotion, passion, suspense and tension. 

The best part for me is that they couldn't have solved the mystery without McClusky the dog! There is plenty of humour between the characters which makes the story really fun.

I would recommend this to all young ambitious children!

As my daughter said this book is quite humorous, the characters quite comical and it makes for a rather entertaining read. The illustrations just added to the hilarity of it all.


Dotty Detective has a great mix of family and friendship along with problem solving and things that children can easily relate to. I think it would be suitable for children aged around 8 and upwards, my daughter is now looking forward to reading the second book in the series when it is released.


  1. I have just ordered this to take on holiday. I'm just not sure if we can wait until the holiday to read it!

  2. Dotty Detective sounds like a fun read! I think this would be very suitable for my daughter (who is 8 years old). I think she would like that it's quite comical :) xx #ReadWithMe

  3. I've read a few reviews of this book, it looks really entertaining and I love the way it is laid out.

  4. Sounds like a great read! Thanks for sharing #readwithme

  5. I love how your dauhter reviews this book! I reckon our little girlwould love this! Thanks for hosting #readwithme


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