Wednesday 22 June 2016

Super Soaker Tornado Scream Review


My girls love a good water fight during the hotter months, it's the perfect way to keep cool whilst having fun in the sun. We were recently offered the chance to review one of the latest Super Soaker guns, the Tornado Scream and the girls were more than happy to test it out.

Super Soaker as a brand has been around since 1989 and it's still going strong, I remember having one myself when I was younger and my girls already had a couple of their own before receiving this one.


The latest addition to the range, the Tornado Scream (£17.99) promises to unleash wide-stream soakage on your chosen victim and I'd say it definitely delivers on that promise, this was confirmed when my children came in dripping wet after playing with it.


With a spinning nozzle and pressured trigger it can fire a stream of water up to 10 metres so you best find a good hiding place if you don't want to get soaked! It easily reached across my garden, my back windows got a good clean too.


The water gun holds up to a litre of water and easy to refill when the tank runs out, simple unscrewing the lid on the top of the gun and running the water in. My children were able to do this without any help from me, this was a good thing as it meant I could stay out of the line of fire.


My children ages range from 3 up to 10 and they were all able to master using the gun, pumping the water. My 3 year old is quite small but she was able to hold the Super Soaker up relatively easily and she was more than happy shooting the water at her sisters.


Compared to other water guns I'd say it is reasonably priced and offers plenty of outdoor fun for kids and of course those big kids (adults) too. And the great thing about a toy like this is that it remains completely gender neutral.


Have you had a water fight yet this year?


  1. Ahh! It looks like they had the best time...You do right staying out the way. hehehe

    1. lol, oh yes, was trying not to get my phone wet taking photos!

  2. They look like such good fun. Great that your youngest can still work it - it's so frustrating when they can't :)


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