Friday 22 July 2016

Saying Goodbye to the Nursery Years

The years fly by, people always say it, cherish those moments because before you know it they'll be gone and that's what I'm wishing I'd done more of today. Yesterday was my youngest daughters last day at nursery and I can't help but feel really sad, it's one of those time when I truly hated saying goodbye.

All of my children have attended the same nursery. I've seen many staff come and go but I'll never forget them because they have all been wonderful in their own way. There are certain ones that still talk to me if we bump into each other in the street, never forgetting my kids (their attitudes are hard to forget lol).

I've been taking my kids to this place for almost eight years and I've been looking back at photos from their time spent there. I've come to see everyone there as my friends, both the staff and the other parents who have gone through the process with me. Throughout the years they've all taught my children so much, two of my kids even getting their first crush on their teacher Taylor!

I was trying to hold back the tears yesterday at Layla's little leaving ceremony but it was a really emotional moment for me, I'm honestly so sad that I am currently crying whilst writing this. Obviously I hadn't prepared myself mentally enough for this moment. This was a a place of safety and comfort for my children and I suppose for myself too. 

Even when they left they were eager to return, to show off their new school uniform or just to say hi. Gracie still writes cards for her younger sister to take in now. Nursery has been somewhere where I know my children have always been looked after. If I've left them in tears they've soon been cheered up, if they've fallen down they have been cuddled and made to smile again. 

Yesterday signified  the end in a way, my children growing up (way too fast if you ask me). Every other time I've been through this process I have always had another child there ready to start their own learning journey at nursery but this time it wasn't just goodbye for now it was saying goodbye for good.

I'm more than grateful for what they have given my children, helping them grow into the polite and flourishing girls that they are now. I know other little ones will be so lucky to have the chance to play and learn there, to build friendships and lasting memories. 


  1. Aww bless. This will be me next year. What a wee cutie and good luck in both of your new adventures xx

  2. So true about enjoying the moment because they will be gone before you know it! A parenting milestone for you and I can only imagine how emotiional you are. #pocolo

  3. Aww! It sounds like you have a lot of special memories from the nursery.
    What a lovely poem...

  4. Ah that sounds a fab nursery and it's brilliant that all of your children have had such a positive experience there. That speaks volumes doesn't it? Thanks for linking to #PoCoLo and have a fab summer holidays x

  5. Aw what a lovely post. I remember this when LP finished at nursery two years ago. He's 7 now and about to go into Year 3!! You're right, they do grow up far too fast. Hope you're feeling a little better now and can look forward to the next exciting steps. xx
    Thanks for linking to #PoCoLo - sorry for the delayed comment. xx


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