Wednesday 20 July 2016

Unique Planner Review + Discount Code


If you haven't gathered from some of my previous posts and the fact that I was an ambassador for National Stationery Week, let me tell you I am somewhat of a stationery addict. I find it hard to resist buying new notebooks, pens etc even when I've got plenty sitting at home. So when I was offered the chance to review one of Pirong's Unique Planners it was an instant yes from me.


With Unique Planners you get the chance to create and design your very own planner whether that be a life planner, a wedding planner, something more academic or perhaps a simple notebook, the choice is yours. This stationery is completely customisable, from the covers to the pages that go inside. Your planner can compliment your own unique style.


I chose to create a life planner and honestly the process could not have been easier. With covers already their to choose from, you can simply drag and drop on to the page which one you prefer, or if you're feeling really creative you can even upload your own photos to give it that real personalised touch. In the end I chose one of their preloaded covers but customised it with a favourite quote of mine which you can see in the photograph above.

You can see from the video below just how creative you can be with your planner, the possibilities are endless.



The inside pages are just as simple to adapt, you can play around with the layout, whether you want certain things vertical or horizontal, even adding in more text, important dates etc if you prefer to have them printed rather than writing them in yourself. I kept mine quite basic as I like to pretty up my planners myself.


And aside from your normal weekly content pages you're also able to choose things like note pages, birthday pages, Christmas pages (I just had to add these), even puzzle pages to keep you entertained when the mood strikes. I went for a mixture of quite a few things as I like to organise various aspects of my life when I can (memories not what it used to be).


The colours are all wonderfully vibrant and compliment each other well, I think it would really encourage you to actually pick up your planner and use it instead of letting it just sit there and look pretty (I have been known to do this with organisers in the past). And of course the good thing is these organisers are ideal for both men and women, I'd be happy to receive one as a gift!


Upon check out you have the option to add in extra accessories such as ribbon markers, pen holders even customising the colour of the wire binding. I was extremely impressed with all the thought that went into the details, nothing was missed in my opinion. And over all the pricing remained reasonable. With prices starting from £20 for an A5 size life planner you are getting a bargain for the quality of item that you receive.

My planner arrived quite quickly and even came complete with monthly divide stickers and filling tabs, again all in colours that matched the interior perfectly. I was quick to start filling it in with birthdays, events, play dates etc and being A5 it is the perfect size to carry around in my bag with me too. 


Is it sad that I was also rather impressed that my favourite purple pen matched the life planner perfectly? I'm now looking at what other stickers I can buy to add an already beautiful looking piece of stationery.


Honestly one of the best planners I've used and trust me I've used a lot. If you like what you see then head on over to the Unique Planners site and use discount code MMM15 to get 15% off of your first order.

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  1. I love my pirongs planner! Mine is totally personalised and has photos on the cover and inside. It's fills me with joy. *stands up "I'm a stationery addict, it has been 5 hours since my last sticker purchase."


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