Friday 15 July 2016

Siblings (July)

I'll start off by quickly saying if you don't what the siblings project is all about then head on over to Dear Beautiful's blog so that you can join in.

It's a simple photo from me this month, my kids were blissfully unaware that I was even taking this photo, they were engrossed in whatever movie they were watching on my TV at the time.

In our house Friday is movie night, this means PJs on and popcorn at the ready and sometimes when daddy is at work we much prefer to get comfy in my bed, I mean who doesn't love snuggling up under a duvet? Although I think I am in need of a bigger bed these days.

This is definitely the one time in the week that I can guarantee us all getting together as a family, the only problem is getting everyone to agree on a film! And then there is the problem that I have after of finding popcorn all over my sheets.

What I do love is that my older two are quite willing more often than not to indulge their younger sisters, letting them watch something that isn't necessarily to their liking, it's all about compromise something which I seem to have taught them well!


  1. That is a precious moment captured, lovely to have moments like this each week and so sweet of your older girls to compromise, too x

  2. What a lovely moment to snap up. It's great the older ones compromise to help you out in letting the little ones watch what they want. Bless them #siblingsproject

  3. What a lovely photo of your four all together and I love the idea of having a film night as a family every Friday night, what a lovely tradition :-)


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