Wednesday 13 July 2016

The Misadventures of Max Crumbly Book Review


Introducing a brand new series of books from the creator of the best selling books Dork Diaries. Rachel Renee Russell brings to us The Misadventures of Max Crumbly. My eldest couldn't wait to get her hands on this one as she has already bought and read all of the Dork Diaries books.

Max Crumbly is about to face the scariest place he's ever been: South Ridge Middle School. There's a lot that's great about his new school but there's also one big problem - Doug aka Thug Thurston, the school bully whose new hobby is stuffing Max in his locker.

If only Max could be like the heroes in the comics he likes to read - or the ones he draws. Unfortunately, Max's uncanny, almost superhuman ability to smell pizza from a mile away won't exactly save any lives or foil bad guys. But that doesn't mean Max won't do his best to be the hero his school needs!


Before I give my thoughts on the book here is what my 10 year old daughter has to say about it :

The Misadventures of Max Crumbly is by my absolute favourite author. She wrote the Dork Diaries series which I have collected. This story is about a friend of Brandon's, he brings him in to save the day in Dork Diaries Puppy Love.

The funnies moment for me is where Max dresses in Erin's ice princess costume, absolutely hilarious! Erin is so much like me, cool and techy and I love her fashion sense.

My favourite character was actually Thug. He is mean but ssooo stupid. Darth Vader's son? How did Rachel come with that? I mean genius!

In conclusion, hurry up and write a sequel please Rachel. The cliffhanger is killing me and I'm desperate to read more.

You can see from what is said above that this book certainly appeals to my daughter. Rachel's signature writing style is there and along with some quite funny illustrations this book is definitely entertaining.


I'd say suitable for children aged around 9 and upwards, the difference between this and Dork Diaries is that this has a certain appeal to both boys and girls.

With moments that make you laugh and loud and underlining issues i.e bullying and friendship that children can relate to, Rachel has definitely has another best selling series on her hands.


  1. I love the trend towards including more illustrations in chapter books for older children. Often readers still need them and they break up chunks of uninterrupted text which can often be daunting for some readers.


  2. Love illustrations in chapter books! I want more in grown-up fiction too! Illustration is an artform. #readwithme

  3. This sounds really good Books which appeal to both boys and girls are great. My daughter had several Dork Diaries books for her birthday, because all of her friends were reading them. Then she refused to read them because she only likes the Hetty Feather books! It took me a year to get her to give Hetty Feather a go!

  4. Sounds great. I love your daughter's enthusiasm! #readwithme

  5. Love the illustrations in this book, definitely agree with the above comments about how important they are. So lovely to hear how excited your daughter is about this book :)

  6. love the look of this book. I can't wait for my three to be old enough to enjoy books like these

  7. This sounds awesome - fab illustrations too #readwithme

  8. ooh love these. My oldest would really enjoy this. Will get it for him. Thanks xx


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