Wednesday 13 July 2016

Sweet Cherry Publishing New Releases Book Review


I was recently sent some wonderful books through the post from Sweet Cherry Publishing to review, my girls are all avid readers so having new stories to get stuck into is always a good thing. However unlike my normal book reviews because we were sent so many what I'm going to do is leave the name of each book and then my girls are going to leave their thoughts on each one.

Danny Dingles Fantastic Finds, The Metal-Mobile


This book was astonishing!!! Danny Dingles was an amazing book to read because it had funny things like the baked beans jelly which made then fart and when Percy puked when super dog ate a beetle or everything he didn't like he puked. I would read books like Danny Dingles because it is a stupid story and stupidness makes stories cooler than they were before. They would be good books to read because if you are not a fan of reading books as Danny Dingles is really funny.

Totally Twins - The Complete Collection


Totally Twins is totally awesome. The stories expresses brilliantly how it would feel to have a twin sister. Some things in the books I can seriously relate to like stage nerves, being so busy and of course annoying sisters! This humorous and emotional set would be recommended for siblings of course twins. I rate this one 8.9 out of 10.

The Morrow Secrets Trilogy


Here is one word to describe The Morrow Secrets, amazing! The suspense, the mystery, the surprises, just wow. I think this is my favourite set ever and I have read a lot of books so that's definitely saying something. I really like the character Ruber, the idea and "tree-dweller" elf things is awesome. I can't just give this series 10 stars, I give it 15 stars!

Mr Pattacake 3 Book Collection


I really enjoyed this book it was very funny because Benny the dog turned into half fish an half dog. I read The Dogs Dinner Disaster. Treacle was cute in the picture when he felt guilty because he mixed up the lids and made Mr Pattacake forget something in the dogs, cats and bunny's pet animals food Oops!!! The other books I'm looking ford to reading!! They look amazing on the front cover and sound good on the blurb can't wait!

Apley Towers Books 1-3


Apley Towers is a rather touching series. The friendship between the girls in the story really is beautiful. My favourite character is Isabella as her name reminds me of Bella the Bunny Fairy. The idea behind this story is really original and honestly by the end I was wanting to read them again! These rate highly for me.

Shakespeare Children's Stories


This collection of shakespeare books stands out from the rest. It contains stories that some kids might not have heard of which I think is more exciting for the reader. The books are well written and easy to follow, great for young readers like me. I'd definitely recommend them to creative children and young writers. A fab introduction to some classic stories.

So as you can see from the short reviews above my girls really enjoyed reading them all and they are definitely sets to be treasured. You can check out the books in more detail and see what other books Sweet Cherry Publishing have to offer by looking on their site.


  1. My friend is a mum of twin girls, aged 6, so I'm going to let her know about those twin books. She is having a tough time with them always competing against each other...
    Super review.x

  2. Wow, what fabulous books! they all look amazing!! My daughter would also love this as she's an avid reader! Great post xx


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