Wednesday 17 August 2016

Bop It Review


I have always been a fan of the game Bop It, I remember trying my best to beat the highest score. Back then it was Twist it, Flick it, Pull it, Spin it and of course Bop it. Hasbro's latest version of this classic toy brings with it some new commands which include Answer it, Selfie it and Hammer it, definitely moving into modern times. You can see them all in the picture below.


This game is all about action now, using motion technology to test players and now with ten moves to keep up with it is definitely a game of concentration and memory as you try to remember the action to each command! 

The Bop It unit itself simple to use and hold, doesn't matter if you are left or right handed because you can play with either hand, just make sure you hold on tightly, we don't want any flying Bop Its! Aimed at people aged 8+ this is definitely a toy aimed at all the family although I'd say it's fine for younger children too, my 3 year old had no problems getting to grips with it.


It features four social and solo playing options : Action (which includes all the new commands), Classic (an easier game using just the classic actions), Beat Box (using sounds instead of worded commands) and Pass It can be used for any of these game playing options if you want to play in a group.

Bop It cleverly turns itself off after 30 seconds of inactivity, nice to know that those batteries won't get wasted and for those parents who aren't so keen on noisy toys, you'll be pleased to know that the volume can be decreased by turning the twist it selecting either quiet, loud or blasting.


A fairly simple concept that provides hours of fun, especially if you are a competitive family like mine are, we are forever striving to beat each others high scores (I'm winning right now, up to 50 but aiming for 100!). Ideal family entertainment that doesn't cost the earth.


  1. I used to love bop it! I'm glad to see that they've relatively kept it the same but included the 30 second turn off. What a classic!

  2. Boppit is such a great family game - oit always comes out at our house when we have a games night.

  3. I used to be really good at this, now I get quite competitive and annoyed ha x

  4. never heard about this before, but it looks really fun! I grew up in Spain, and maybe we don't have those there, so now I wanna try it hahah thanks for sharing :) x

  5. My kids found an old one of these in the lift a few weeks ago and just went mad for it. I think I'll forget to tell them there a new one out lol

  6. Wow that really has changed! I remember my sister having one of these (well the orginal one) and we loved it! Would love to have a go at the new one but I fear I would become addicted and loose my job haha

  7. It has been a long time since I played Bop It. Brings back many memories.

  8. Selfie it haha how times have changed. Looks like great fun x

  9. We have a couple of BopIt games and find them great fun


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