Wednesday 17 August 2016

A Cosy Night in with PlanOurDate


Being a parent means that the children of course always come first but that also means that other aspects in my life get neglected for instance my relationship with my husband.  Date nights tend to be none existence because of the difficulty getting babysitters and then there's the fact that by the time the children are in bed we are both exhausted and nine times out of ten we end up in bed watching TV whilst scrolling through our phones (romantic right!?). This is where new company PlanOurDate can help.


This is a new subscription 'datebox' that is delivered straight to your door once a month, providing you with all the tools you will need to join in with some activities together instead of opting to simply pick up that TV remote. Taking the thought process out of the date you simply just get to enjoy spending time with one another. You can choose from one month, three month or six month subscriptions and you are able to easily cancel at any time if you so want.

I was kindly sent one of PlanOurDate's first boxes to try, I didn't know what would be inside so as soon as my pretty pink package turned up, it took little time for me to open it up and have a peek at what my next date would consist of. What I discovered was the following :

Instruction manual
PlanOurDate game with winners tokens
Ingredients to make pancakes
Love Hearts
Tea bags
Spotify playlist
Two A5 canvases with pencils, brushes and paints


The real question is did it make for a good date night? Well read on to find out.... 

Once we'd managed to get all the kids to stay in their beds and actually go to sleep (the struggle is real people), it was time to make the most of some much needed alone time. A specially designed playlist on Spotify proved really set the mood, much better than the normal background noise of random programmes on the television and it was definitely better than the normal pop tunes that my daughters subject me to. 


We started our date with the Who Knows Who? game. With questions like "what is my favourite memory of you?", it was interesting to see just what we both remembered and I think it gave us a good chance to get to know each other again as our lives these days are focused on our family rather than us as a couple. Of course I was the winner but I'm not expecting breakfast in bed any time soon, well not unless the hubby is going to drive up to McDonald's first!

I actually saved making our pancakes until the next morning as I much prefer eating pancakes for breakfast, come to think of it I should have got my husband to actually have a go at making them but I fear the ingredients would have been wasted as even he'll admit he really can't cook unless you give him bacon and a George Foreman grill. Although I can report that the pancakes were in fact delicious and well worth waiting for, even though my youngest did 'help' me eat mine.

Next step was testing out our painting skills. I was actually looking forward to this as I always enjoyed art at school. The instruction manual said to paint our favourite activity, so thinking back to answers from our earlier game I opted to paint some coffee and cake, not that I'm biased or anything but I think I did a fairly good job.


Our final task was sitting back with a much needed cuppa and the popcorn provided, time for Netflix and chill and no dirty thoughts I purely mean cuddling whilst watching a film. The only problem here was deciding on a film that we both wanted to watch, we almost resorted to putting Game of Thrones on again. Although I'm embarrassed to say that I fell asleep before the end of our date night, oops. 

So would I purchase a PlanOurDate box? I definitely would. In my opinion all couples need to make time for one another and I believe spending money on this box will encourage you to make that effort to do just that. I guess my only criticism is that the box wasn't small enough to fit through the letterbox therefore you really need to be in on the day of delivery if you are planning on having your date on that specific day.

Now if you like what you've seen then you can take advantage of one of two discount codes. Use CHANTELLE50 to get 50% off of your first box or alternatively use FREEMONTH to get your first month free when signing up to a three month subscription.


  1. This is such a great idea. It's clear a lot of thought has gone into the design of it, to encourage reconnection.

  2. What a fab idea, sometimes the hardest part of date night is thinking up what you're going to do. It's great that you both had a laugh and enjoyed date night! #TriedTested

  3. I love the ideal of these boxes I know a lot of people would find these really helpful in being able to spend some time together as a couple. Glad you enjoyed it #triedtested

  4. This is such a fab idea...It sounds like a lot of fun and something different than just watching TV. x

  5. I love the Mr & Mrs style game - I don't think I'd be so keen on the painting, I'm rubbish!
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x


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