Wednesday 14 September 2016

EndWarts Pen Review


Verrucas and warts are more common than you think, most people will have them at some point in their lives but they are more likely to affect children and teenagers than adults. I remember the days of people having to wear these horrid socks when we went swimming and dreaded the thought of having to wear one myself.

But what are warts exactly? They are small lumps that can develop either singly or as clusters often on your hands or feet, not thought to be very contagious however they can be transferred with skin to skin contact so it is best to avoid touching them. Most warts are harmless and will actually clear up without treatment.

Sometimes we get impatient though and don't want to just wait for them to clear up on their own. My youngest daughter has been suffering with a verruca of late and we have tried treating it with well known brands to no success for the last couple of months, that was until we were offered an alternative solution in the shape of the EndWarts Pen.

This is a fast and effective treatment that dries out the wart/verruca and takes literally seconds to apply. So much better than applying creams or gels as there is no waiting for it to dry out and there is no need to keep taking the old treatment off to reapply.

I've had many a battle trying to get cream on my four year olds foot and this took all of that unnecessary stress away. Simply press the pen on to the affected area, pressing down for a second and then repeat. Best part you only need to do this once a week.

What the pen does is delivers a small amount of a colourless solution directly to the verruca/wart and because no viruses can survive on the solution it means you can use the one pen to effectively treat the whole family.

You can see from the photographs below just how quickly the solution got to work. I only had to apply the treatment three times before the verruca simply dropped off. It began drying out after 2 days of applying the first time and it came away a day after putting the third lot of solution on. After months of trying beforehand I was left pleasantly surprised.




Costing around £19.50 for one pen it is on the more expensive side but I'd say the price is well worth paying for the ease of use alone. And when you think about how many treatments you end up buying to try that don't manage to get rid of the problem wouldn't you prefer to spend a little bit more in the beginning and be safe in the knowledge that it is actually going to work. I highly recommend the EndWarts pen.


  1. oh will have to get this. My youngest is always getting verrucas and at the moment I use a freeze spray that hurts him when I apply it. This look great and easy to use. thanks for the review #TriedTested

  2. Oh wow! This works so well and is fuss free. I will keep this in mind.

  3. Dont get me started on warts bleeeuugghhh! My son had one on his finger and it all came out like the seeds of a lily or something - it was vile!!! I used lemon juice and then clear nail varnish and it was gone in 2 weeks! This looks good though because any pharmacy I went into were so unhelpful to treat a kid x


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