Wednesday 7 September 2016

LeapFrog LeapStart Review


Having reviewed plenty of LeapFrog products in the past, for example their LeapReader, I was a little excited to see just what their newest release, the LeapStart had to offer. Described as an amazing, super-fun, all in one system, this interactive learning toy is set to compliment your child's schooling in the best of ways.


Their are two versions of this toy, pre-school and primary school. I opted for the primary school version as even my youngest is now attending primary school so I felt it would last longer therefore my kids would benefit more from this version. However although it is aimed at children between the ages of 5 and 7, all the LeapStart activity books are compatible with it so I can still purchase the pre-school learning tools if I want to.


Included in the box is the LeapStart system itself, a quick start instruction manual, a reception and year 1 sampler book and a USB cable. Getting started is fairly simple, after popping in 2 AA batteries (not included) you are asked to attach to the computer to update, add in audio and sign up to a LeapFrog account if needed. This process takes no more than 15 minutes.


After this your child is ready to get started on their learning journey. There is one button which turns the LeapStart on and off, volume up and down buttons and even a slot for headphones if parents require a little peace and quiet. These are all in clear view and my daughters quickly came to understand what each one was for.


The stylus is a lovely shape, helping promote a correct writing grip, this is what your child/ren will use to play all of the interactive games available to them. From maths and reading comprehension, to science, geography and even social skills, there is a wealth of knowledge available with the use of this system, helping to support them through their first two years at school.


Each book talks to you and colour coded buttons allow for different levels of learning and help. The green star starts your child at level 1, the orange stars moves them to level 2 which sets them more of a challenge and the blue lightbulb provides hints if they become stuck. And then there is the red hand for when they've had enough of playing.


A positive for me as a parent is that the LeapStart is rather robust, no need to worry if your child was to suddenly drop it on the floor for example but although sturdy it remains quite lightweight so ideal for even the youngest of children to handle.


There is storage in the back for up to two activity books making it possible to take on your travels with you or perhaps to various appointments if you need to keep the kids entertained, that's also where the headphone port will come in handy.

Now as impressed as I am with the learning side of this system there are a couple of things which don't appeal to me as much and this is my opinion so it might not bother other parents but I still felt as though I should mention them. 


As I said at the beginning the LeapStart requires batteries, as a parent I would have been happier if I was able to recharge the system rather than having to buy batteries all of the time.


Another thing that I wasn't keen on was the fact that the system only came with a sample book. I'm used to purchasing extra games etc with the LeapPads but at £9.99 per activity book it would have been nice to have at least one included in a bundle with the LeapStart to begin with.

Overall I would recommend the LeapStart to others. It is a system that provides another great way of learning through play and it it certainly got my children excited about learning and after purchasing two of the activity books myself, it gave my youngest two a better understanding on certain subjects. It is reasonably priced at £35 and will see your kids through some important years in their life.


  1. This looks great, something that my son would really enjoy x #triedtested

  2. This looks really good. I've always been impressed with the leapfrog toys we've had.

  3. I've got my 5 year old daughter one and she does a bit every night it's really good and helps her alot

  4. I've had my eye on this because Monkey has just started school and I was wondering if it would support him. I really like that there are different learning levels I wasn't aware of that element. Although you raise a good point about the batteries! Thanks for this it's helped me reach a decision. Stopping by from #triedtested


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