Wednesday 7 September 2016

Mira Forecasts the Future Book Review


I was recently sent a gem of a children's book to review, Mira Forecasts the Future is the latest book from Kell Andrews. Just from the front cover I could tell this was a book to get excited about.

During the summer, Mira watches the boardwalk while her mother, Mirabella the Miracle on the Sea, tells fortunes. Predicting the future is a gift: You either have it or you don't. And Mira just doesn't. The one day, she notices the wind fluttering through the streamers of a windsock. Using science, she finds her own special talent for making predictions. But when am impending storm threatens the town's surf competition, her newfound skill is put to the test!

Mira wants to be like her mum so very much and is disappointed when she can't emulate her mothers skills, I suppose every child looks up to their parents don't they? As Mira tries her best to predict the future what we get through Lissy Marlin's illustrations is quite entertaining, poor Mira can't do right from wrong.

As the story progresses Mira begins to learn that she has her own talent, predicting not the future, but the weather and this is something that is extremely helpful to others around her, including Fred the fisherman. But there is always the chance of her predictions being wrong...


Of course the story wouldn't be complete without a little drama, with storms rolling in can Mira persuade everyone on the beach that they need to find shelter?

As a parent I really enjoyed this story. Covering the subject of science via the weather, the subject is somewhat unique in children's story books so this is a fantastic way to introduce kids to this type of learning, showing that it can be fun as well as helpful.

But there is also another thing to be learnt, something quite important, the fact that you don't have to be like others and if you work hard enough you can find skills of your own, showing that being different can be wonderful. 


Mira Forecasts the Future is a heartwarming story. A lovely book to sit and read to your children and a great stepping stone into the world of science. I predict that will be a big hit with all kids!


  1. This sounds like a really interesting book for so many reasons, the emotional lessons that Mira learns about the differences between herself and her mother as well as the weather and science angle. I love the sound of this!


  2. love the look of this and sounds right up my street!

  3. This sounds a fun educational story book

  4. Great idea for a book, I love the combination of Science and a story. It's always good to see a lead female character like this too.


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