Friday 30 September 2016

My September Favourites


Oh dear god, how are we already at the end of September, thoughts of back to school seem like a life time a go and now I'm ready to talk to you about my favourite products from this month, as always there is a goo mixture from food to beauty products....

Meridian Coconut & Peanut Butter


I am a nut butter addict especially peanut butter, I can work it into most meals and this month I cam across this new peanut butter in Meridian's range. I will say it is quite runny I think due to the coconut but this makes it perfect for dripping over my porridge and smoothie bowls. It has a unique taste, my only complaint is that I prefer my peanut butter crunchy.

Lush Bubble Bar


Ok I know I mention Lush most months but I am forever trying new products from them and they always impress. This bubble bar smells wonderful and it creates an abundance of bubbles in my bath which we all know makes the bath so much more indulgent!

Colouring Classics - Dracula and Wuthering Heights


A couple of months ago I reviewed the first colouring books in this series and as a huge fan of adult colouring I couldn't resist trying out the latest books to the range. With wonderful quotes and pictures that tell a fabulous story, I love that you can really make the story your own by using your own colour palette. 


My favourite was Dracula, I'll actually admit I've never read Wuthering Heights, must rectify now. They would make the perfect gift and lets be honest a lot of us are thinking about Christmas presents already and with these priced at a generous £9.99 what a great place to start, the Christmas Carol one is now on my wish list.

Yankee Candle Tarte Tatin


In my house I have candles in almost every room, Yankee Candles have always been my go to and when we were at one of their outlet stores the other day I just had to buy a new one, it wasn't a want it was a need really! Any way this tarte tatin fragrance is gorgeous, the only problem is when we have it lit it tends to start making me feel hungry.

A Dozen Summers DVD


This film was actually made by a friend of my little brothers, I purchased this myself as he had me more than intrigued with the storyline and I think it is good to help out the lesser known people and this really is a little gem of a film. I watched it with my daughters and we were all impressed. Original and funny, it is perfect family entertainment and I would highly recommend others check it out, you can find A Dozen Summers on Amazon.


  1. Ohh! Lovely things.
    I think I would include something from Lush most months too. hehehe
    That Coconut & Peanut Butter sounds delicious x

  2. I love nut butter too and I've been wanting to try this coconut one since I saw it in Sainsburys. I'll pick it up next time I go! x #PoCoLo

  3. Oh lots of fab things in this lot! I love the sound of the peanut butter.
    And I love yankee candles, my favourite is angels wings at the moment x #pocolo


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