Wednesday 28 September 2016

The New Teacher Book Review


The lovely people at Alma Books kindly sent my eldest daughter one of their newest releases to read and review and it seemed quite apt for this time of year, with September being focused on children going back to school.

Miss Charlotte the new teacher, is not like the others: she wears a large hat and a crumpled dress that make her look like a scarecrow and she talks to a rock. The children think she is crazy at first but soon realize she makes school more fun, getting them to measure the room with cooked spaghetti in maths class, telling fascinating stories about a gorilla and even taking the pupils on at football.

This is actually the first book in Dominique Demer's popular series. It is illustrated wonderfully by the very clever Tony Ross. Here is just what my daughter thought about this entertaining tale :

The New Teacher is just plain WOW! The humour and plot of the story was rather heartwarming. My favourite character was Gertrude the Pebble.


Miss Charlotte is certainly an unusual teacher with spaghetti, her pebble and her absolutely hilarious way of teaching.

However her stories are just as amazing as her students make them sound, the tale definitely has a certain magic to it that young children will love.

I recommend this for children of all ages, especially those that love a funny story. In conclusion you really just have to read The New Teacher.

I think you can tell from my daughter's thoughts that she thoroughly enjoyed this book. The chapters are fairly short and the drawings break up the text nicely, making this a great story for children who are just getting into chapter books.

What comes across is a message that in actual fact it is a good thing to be different from the norm, goes to show that we all have something to offer no matter how strange you might deem certain ideas.

A lovely tale and my daughter is definitely looking forward to reading more books in the series, highly recommended.


  1. This sounds very entertaining and Tony Ross always does such fabulous drawings.

  2. I love the look of this book, sounds hilarious and Tony Ross always adds something special to a book. Great review from your daughter too, she writes so well! #readwithme

  3. sounds like a great book. Tony Ross seems to have been around forever illustrating in his unique style! Love it

  4. Gertrude the Pebble?! This looks and sounds hilarious!


  5. Wow. I want to read this book. Thanks for reviewing.

  6. This sounds a fun book and I love the illustrations

  7. I love funny tales for kids which also convey messages. This one looks so lovely. :) x #readwithme


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