Friday 2 September 2016

Starting School Advice, Parents Helping Parents

The end of the Summer holidays are in sight. For some parents this will be a welcome relief and for others in may be a more anxious time, especially if your child/ren are starting primary school or secondary school for the first time. So I thought I'd offer a little advice from one parent to another with a little help from some blogging friends. Words of wisdom that might help you and your kids feel a little less worried about this next big milestone that you're facing, I mean parents should be helping other parents shouldn't they.

I've been through this process three times before so you think I'd be almost an expert when it comes to all things primary school related but with my youngest starting primary school, this time it seems so different. She is my last one, I have no baby at home to keep me entertained so I fully expect to become quite emotional when I leave her at the school gates but just how to deal with those feelings is the question?

Clare from emmysmummy suggests not to arrange too much for that first day, you'll only be clock watching anyway, that first day is the one time to allow the worry to take over.

Laura says remember that there are other people at the school gates that will be going through or have gone through the same thing as you, you're not alone.

Louise from a strong coffee says try to remember that it is your child's first time in life to make their own friends, to be themselves, the hardest thing as parent is letting go (don't all start singing frosen now.

Rachel from coffeecakekids says as a teacher herself try to remember that your child is in safe hands, they care very much about your little person too and you shouldn't be afraid to express any worries to them as they have seen/heard many of them before.

And lets not forget those starting secondary school. Sharon from aftertheplayground says prepare for a marathon. Settling in can take up to a year, it's a process for both parent and child.

But what about preparing the children?

Steph from has suggested arranging play dates with their new classmates, making the first day of school more exciting as they are eager to see their new found friends.

Jess from tantrumstosmiles makes a good suggestion of practicing the school run before the big day, it will familiarise your child with the route and also let you know how long it will take you each day.

From a teachers point of view Nikki from playlearneveryday says to focus on self care now, i.e being able to get themselves dressed and undressed, cutting up their own food. The more independent they are the easier the transition will be. I've been practicing shirt buttons with my little ones as this is definitely a tricky one to grasp.

And of course there are plenty of books as Mary from over40andmumtoone suggest that you can buy to read with your child to give them an idea of what to expect when it comes to starting school.

Now we've talked about the lead up, lets talk about the day itself.

Here Jo talks about nailing the school run and I think organisation is key. Have uniforms, bags etc prepared the night before so that there isn't that big rush in the morning.

Jaymee from TheMumDiaries says try to not look worried on the day as your child could pick up on this and that may affect their mood too.

Make mum friends says Beth from Twinderelmo. This is something I really agree with as they can be so handy to help with your kids, remembering certain dates. I have so many now and we chat via FB etc as well as meeting up for mum only dates.

And what about after the big day.

Nicola from sensory sensitive mummy says she's actually worried about fitting in herself. I'll admit there have been a few clicky mums and it can be like going back to school yourself but my advice would be be confident like you want your child to be, don't be afraid to say hello first as that mum is probably just as nervous as you.

So after all is said and done, it's time to get excited about this next journey in their lives. Prepare for the emotions but also remember that this is time for making even more memories. If you have any more back to school advice I'd love for you to share it in the comments below.


  1. Reading with nervous anticipation... roll on Tuesday :)

  2. Great post. All set for Monday and Wednesday here.

  3. Great post. All set for Monday and Wednesday here.

  4. Thanks for including my thoughts, lots of useful ideas from others too. Mine went back yesterday and so far seems ok.


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