Wednesday 12 October 2016

Kids Parcel Putting the Excitement Back Into Toys


Having four girls means my house is over run with toys, from dolls and Lego to board games and all the latest technology. The trouble is that with such a wide range of toys available these days buying something different or exciting can sometimes prove tricky and this is where Kids Parcel aim to help.


A British company, Kids Parcel want to make present giving more fun and this is where their mystery boxes aim to please. These boxes are filled to the brim with things like toys, games, books and stationery and are the perfect for gift for any child.


You can choose either gender, a theme or even age range so that Kids Parcel can taylor make your box to the child who you are buying for. The contents are all top toy brand names like Orchard Toys, Disney and Star Wars (which my kids love!) and your box will contain no less that five items.


I was lucky enough to get the chance to review one of their boxes, the only trouble I had was choosing which child to address it to, in the end I chose my 6 year old daughter and I'm pleased I did as her reaction summed up Kids Parcel for me, a look of wonder and excitement and she was most impressed that not only did the box have her name on, there was even a note inside addressed to her too.


The contents were very impressive, it was as though they had spoke to Gracie and asked her exactly what she wanted as all the toys were suited to her personality and there were a couple that she had already started requesting for Christmas. You can see in the photograph below exactly what she received.


As a parent what I liked was that there was a good mixture of gifts, from dolls and collectable items to simple card games and items to get creative with. With so much choice inside it was kind of like the gift that keeps on giving.



At the beginning I mentioned that I had to pick for one child to receive the box, one suggestion I'd have for the company is perhaps being able to offer a family parcel, one suitable for all age ranges. A lot of the gifts Gracie received she was able to share with her sisters anyway so having a box addressed to all of them would have been nice.


Each box is priced at £29.99 and I'd say that's more than reasonable when you compare that to the value of its contents. If you wanted to make it extra special you could always open up the box first and wrap up the gifts to keep them a mystery for a while longer!

Overall I was more than impressed with Kids Parcel. It takes the decision making away from the adult which means less stress for us, the mystery element adds more excitement to the package itself and you can see that a lot of thought goes into each parcel. It's a gift that I would have been more than happy with when I was a child, highly recommended.


  1. The variety in your box is fantastic! What a great idea! x

  2. In the past, troubled parents would have to rely on certain things like a brand name. Discovering that diamond in the rough has never been as quick as it is now.
    Swell RC


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