Friday 14 October 2016

Siblings (October)

A simple photo for this months siblings project. I talk often about how quickly my kids are growing up, only recently expressing my concern over the hormones that seem to be making an appearance but I think this photograph sums up how quickly my kids want to grow up.

My children are all typically girlie, they love clothes and shoes and want nothing more than to be able to fit into mine. The other day I was sorting through my shoe collection and of course the girls took this as an opportunity to start claiming some as their own, even though they don't fit into them just yet.

What they don't realise yet is that if they start using my shoes and boots then I will of course be borrowing theirs too!


  1. hehehe! What a fun photo! Your girls are so sassy!
    My teen is size 5. I'm a size 6. I can't wait to share her shoes. lol

  2. Hahah great photo! I used to love putting on my mum's clothes and shoes.

  3. Oh gosh my little ladies do this too and they are only 1 and 5! So much fun x


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