Friday 21 October 2016

Life's a Beach

I often find myself moaning about where I live but there are moments that I spend with my family that I'll remember that I'm actually quite lucky to live by the sea, being able to visit the beach whenever we want. With Autumn definitely settling in I've been looking back at our Summer photos, reminising about days/evenings spent enjoying the sea air.

The thing is where we live there isn't just one beach, there are an abundance of beaches both sandy and pebbled to enjoy. So one moment we could be building castles and in the next we'll suddenly be throwing pebbles into the water. Although I'll admit I have never been brave enough to immerse myself fully in the water, no swimming in the sea for me.

And of course there are all the stunning views. The White Cliffs of Dover are truly iconic and lets be honest I don't think you can beat sitting watching the sun setting at the seaside whilst eating fish and chips, something so wonderfully British about that.

Life's a beach sometimes and t's in these times that we get to relax, enjoy a bit of slow living, breathe in the fresh air and really just be.


  1. We use to live by the beach and I feel like we didn't really make the most of it! Although I don't live to far away and we do have a rather sandy river bank! :) I find the beach so relaxing and your beaches looks lovely. Stunning photos, too. xx #PoCoLo

  2. I'd love to live near the beach, but never going to happen being married to farmer, we're kind of stuck where the farm is. Lovely summer photos, and I shall remain jealous. #pocolo


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