Wednesday 14 December 2016

Apley Towers Book Set Review

Back in the Summer I was sent a wonderful selection of books from Sweet Cherry Publishing and this included the first set of Apley Tower books, recently we were sent the newest novels books 4-6 for my eldest daughter to review. 

In the shade of the Giant's Throne Mountain and on the coast of the Indian Ocean, Port St Christopher is home to Apley Towers; a riding school for girls and boys, young or old who learn what it means to be a true horse rider.


Apley Towers follows the story of Kaela, Trixie and Angela as they make new friendships and learn valuable life lessons with horses and humans alike.

My daughter really enjoyed the first set stating that the idea behind them was really original and that she would definitely read them again (which she did). So read on to see if the second set managed to rate as highly for her.

This Apley Towers set is just beautiful. It is filled with excitement and there is also a hint of romance in the air.
The best part for me was when Kaela was helping Bjorn get Angela's attention. It makes you want to find out the results of Kaela's cunning plan, had me reading on. 

There is also fame awaiting Angela. She has been interviewed by quite a few newspapers and this could definitely lead to something big!

Before reading the Apley Tower books I didn't want anything to do with horse-riding books, just wan't my cup of tea but now I think I have read this type of genre more often.

This is a set of books that I recommend for romance seekers, horse lovers and really anyone around the ages of 8-13 years old. 

My final thoughts, I hope that there will be more Apley Towers books as they just keep on getting better and better.

As you can see Elise thoroughly enjoyed the second set of Apley Towers books. As a parent I like that they aren't too grown up, they seem to slot in between younger children's books and the YA genres. Not too heavy a read but definitely ones to get you thinking about friendships etc.


  1. They sound good and it's great that your daughter would read books that aren't her usual genre. I know there's no way my daughter would read a horse riding book! She nearly sent a whole set of Dork Diaries to the jumble sale without reading them because she decided she wouldn't like them!

  2. these sound just like the sort of book I enjoyed reading when I was younger x

  3. It's great when children find a series of books that they like. It sounds like Elise was hooked on the stories :o)


  4. Looks like a great series, it's brilliant when you get hooked on a set of books #readwithme

  5. Sounds a nice series. Do you know until I read this post, I had totally forgotten that I used to enjoy reading pony club type stories in my teens, even though I've never tried to ride a horse

  6. My eldest loves animals and I'm sure one day she'd love to read something like this. #readwithme

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  8. These look amazing for my 5yr old horse obsessed daughter!!! #readwithme

  9. Not heard of these and think my 12 year old daughter would enjoy them. Thanks for introducing them to us.


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