Thursday 15 December 2016

Siblings (December)

It's still hard to believe that it's December. I've really enjoyed joining in with the siblings project this year and looking back I'm honestly shocked at how much the girls have changed in what seems to be such a short space of time. I begun joining in during the month of February (determined to do all year in 2017) and it's quite funny reading back just what they were up to/how they were acting back then.

I think as we've progressed they've definitely grown closer although I will admit that they argue quite a bit too, I think that comes with having all girls together.

Thought it was only right that I ended the year as I started this project with a photo of all four of them together.


  1. I spent so long looking through all the years posts last night too it's nice to have them documented isn't it? They all look so happy here too x

  2. Gorgeous smiles all round! It is a lovely project to join in with and look back over the year, isn't it? x

  3. Lovely festive shot of your four girls - it is lovely to look back at all the siblings photos from the year isn't it? :-) #siblingsproject


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