Thursday 1 December 2016

Taste Testing the Festive Menu at the Beefeater

I am a huge fan of Christmas so it is no surprise that I'm quite partial to a Christmas dinner too. I always remember my mum making the best festive dinners, you know the ones where the plates are over flowing with food and you'd always be left completely stuffed. I try and replicate these meals myself every year but I'll admit it is so much better having someone cook for you. So when I was invited to have a bit of a taste test of the festive menu at one of my local Beefeater restaurants I was quick to jump at the chance.


You can see from the menu above that there is quite the selection of food and as well as all of that, there is also a child's Christmas dinner too. Our meals were pre-ordered and when we arrived at the Eureka Park Beefeater we were greeted by staff and taken to a table fully kitted out with crackers, Santa hats and little games to play, festive spirit was most definitely in the air and this made for a brilliant start to a family meal out.



As well a brilliant selection of Christmas themed food there is also a festive drinks menu so of course it seemed necessary for me to try out a Christmas cocktail of two. I opted for the Winterberry, the waitress informed me that it was her first time making this one and I had to applaud her as quite frankly it was delicious and definitely got me a little merry. The glass that it came in was fantastic, I was a little tempted to try and sneak it out in my bag.



Because our meals were pre-ordered we didn't have to wait long for our food to arrive. We all chose Christmas dinners and my husband was the first to comment about the size of the dinners in the fact that they were perfect portions. My kids were overjoyed to see that the child's Christmas dinner did not include brussel sprouts and were even more impressed by the size of their Yorkshire puddings. I on the other hand was left smiling because I did have brussels and not just one or two.




Condiments like cranberry sauce were offered along side the food which I quickly accepted, I mean what is turkey without cranberry sauce? What I liked was that there was a good selection of food on the plate and not just small amounts of each, it felt like a real homely Christmas dinner with food and drink flowing.



Whilst waiting for our puddings to arrive we set to pulling our crackers, this took a bit of strength between us and we were all entertained by the cheesy jokes in them too. Here's one for you : What does a snowman call the toy he hangs above his baby's cot? ..... A snow mobile. Admit it you at least smirked a little. Jokes like these added to the festive atmosphere and even my scrooge like husband was getting involved, I saw him trying to hold back a laugh.



Puddings were just as tasty as the main course. Perfectly sized Christmas puddings, dressed wonderfully. Little stars and jugs of custard for kids and scrumptious dried fruit and brandy custard for the adults. They were so good that when two of my children couldn't quite finish theirs my 8 year old took it upon herself to finish the dishes for them. I think there was definitely a little case of eyes bigger than belly going on here but I couldn't blame her.

I was provided with icare codes to pay for my meal but it would have come to just under £90 for 6 two course meals as well as 7 drinks which included 2 £5.99 cocktails, good value for money in my opinion. If you are looking for somewhere to go for a Christmas do or perhaps you fancy letting someone else cook the Christmas dinner this year, whatever your reason, your local Beefeater restaurant is definitely one worth checking out. A great place whether for couples, friends or family. Good food, great drinks and a fantastic atmosphere make Beefeater a brilliant destination for a meal out. 

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  1. I love beefeater, we have a one right near us we often visit. The Christmas menu looks great, very festive and good value too x


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