Wednesday 30 November 2016

3D Maker Review

When it comes to toys my kids have fun with a variety of things, they love playing with dolls, dressing up etc but they also enjoy getting creative with drawing, making things with play-doh so when I was offered the chance to review the 3D Maker from Mookie Toys it was something I was quite excited for the kids to try.


This clever invention allows your child/ren to make some fantastic creations and the best thing about it is that it is suitable for kids all ages as there is no glue required and the 3D maker itself uses no heat so is safe for little ones to be around.


In the box you receive : 3D creation station,  3 x magic gels, moulds, stencils and trays allowing you to freehand your own designs. It does require 3 x AA batteries to make sure you purchase them at the same time to avoid any disappointment! The box does also state that this is something for kids aged six and above but my four year old had great fun with this (with a little help from mum and sisters), so I wouldn't rule it out for younger children.


To create your object of choice is quite simple, trace the stencil/mould with the magic gel, pop in the 3D maker to process (this takes about 5 minutes) and once removed from the 3D Maker you will have your very own 3D creation. The process was mostly easy and fuss free, the only thing I would say is that the gels can be a bit hard to get out at first but I found once warmed up in your hands for a little they were easier to push out.



My kids had fun mixing different colours and making various patterns as they traced around the moulds and I found myself fascinated by the process too, it really is quite magical how the 3D creation station manages to dry the gel without any heat, what it uses is UV instead. There was only one part of the process that I really helped with and that was removing the creations from the moulds/stencils once they had dried.


We've made all sorts from turtles and starfish to the Eiffel Tower and even freehanded flowers. The only negative I found was when it came to sticking together some of the objects. For example the Eiffel Tower required four sides to all be stuck together to make the final creation but between the design and gel we just couldn't manage it (I'll admit to resulting to super glue) but when sticking together our turtle there was no issues. I think some creations are just slightly trickier and maybe require a bit more patience than others. 

Overall the process from start to finish was one that had very little issues at all. My youngest claimed her turtle as her new pet and even took it into school to show off to her class. The great thing about the 3D maker is that once you've bought the initial kit, you can then buy expansion packs and gel refills in different colours to make even more.

This is a great toy to get kids imaginations working and also allows you to teach them the difference between 2D and 3D. And of course the fun doesn't stop once the objects have been made as your child/ren can then play with there toys once made, extending their game play and use of imagination even further. I think this also makes an ideal way to buy gifts for your kids as you can continually add to their sets allowing them to keep on creating. It gets a massive thumbs up from my girls.


  1. I would quite like to have a go at this myself! #TriedTested

  2. So pleased this is good as I've bought it for my daughter for Christmas!


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