Wednesday 30 November 2016

Lost My Name Personalised Alphabet Poster Review

My youngest daughter started school in September and she is now beginning to learn the letters of the alphabet as well as the sounds that they make which are known as phonics. There are 26 letters in the alphabet so this means there are also 26 sounds to learn too, that's a lot of information for a small child to take on board. Now as a parent I like to do everything I can to make learning both fun and as easy as possible and this is where the personalised alphabet posters from Lost My Name can really help.


Having already reviewed their lovely Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home book (which I keep telling everyone about) I was expecting good things from this product. Prices start from £12.99 with free shipping and the poster is primarily aimed at kids aged 0-8 but of course can be beneficial to children who are older too. It may seem like something simple to some but any tool that can help your child's learning journey can't be a bad thing.


Each poster is unique to your child as you get to choose the following to appear on there : child's name, the colour you want the poster to be, which character you'd like featured, there is a space to write a nice custom dedication to your child/ren and there's even an option to add a frame if you so wish. The process from start to finish takes less than 5 minutes and you are even given the time after ordering to be able to edit your order just incase you change your mind on some of the details.

Delivery was just as speedy as ordering and they keep you up to date via email letting you know when the poster is going into print and when it is ready to be shipped to its new home. It arrives in a tube so the poster doesn't get creased whilst in transit and even gets covered in tissue paper to keep it in pristine condition, you get the feeling right from the beginning that there is huge attention to detail with this company.


The alphabet poster itself is honestly just wonderful. With big, bold writing, it is something that is instantly appealing to little people and being personalised it will also help your child with name recognition if this is something they struggle with. What I really like is that the letters are displayed in both upper and lower casing as a lot of products on the market only show capital letters and we know that children of course need to learn both.

Something that makes this stand out is the illustrations which are displayed on there. They aren't what are typically chosen like a for apple as an example. There are mermaids, pirates and unicorns to name a few. I think it gives the poster a real magical affect. This means as well as learning their alphabet, kids get to learn about different objects, animals and people too. If you wanted to take the learning further you could even make up stories using the characters on the poster.


I would describe the Lost My Name Personalised Alphabet Poster as a wonderfully made educational tool.  It's a perfect size and if you choose the framed option it can easily be transported to any room of the house. It is both useful and charming, I would be happy for my child to receive this a gift (Christmas is coming) and it would even make for nice decoration in a child's bedroom. This is a product that both parents and their children will love.


  1. What a gorgeous poster. We love the illustrations in the Lost My Name books, they're so original :o)


  2. This is so cute!! And a fab idea for helping her with phonics! #readwithme

  3. This looks fab for learning. Nice and colourful on the wall too

  4. This looks gorgeous, the illustrations are beautiful #readwithme


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