Wednesday 4 January 2017

Move Over Frozen There's a New Obsession in Town and it's Called Trolls

My girls have been fans of Frozen ever since the film came out way back in December 2013, in fact the obsession is still going strong with my 6 year old buying herself a pair Anna boots which she tells me that she's desperately wanted for like forever! But Frozen no longer captivates my youngest as it once did, oh no she's fascinated by another movie which you might of heard of ..... Trolls.


I'll admit this is definitely family entertainment at it's best and I too enjoyed watching Trolls, may or may not have something to do with Justin Timberlake voicing one of the characters *coughs*. The story follows the happiest troll ever Princess Poppy and her shall we say polar opposite Branch as they embark on an adventure to save their friends and it is filled with lots of comedic moments as well as a song for almost every scene.


Of course with any film like this comes plenty of merchandise, so far I've managed to avoid buying the soundtrack, this however does not stop my children from playing all of the songs on You Tube but when Christmas came to town so did the start of my 4 year olds Troll collection, which she like any young child would do has decided to keep with her at all times.

Her favourite strangely enough was the keyring pictured below. I'm yet to persuade her to have it hooked to her school bag as she much prefers to walk round with her miniature Poppy brushing her beautiful pink locks. 


These trolls are nothing like the trolls you and I will remember, I personally think there was nothing wrong with our classic version but I guess they wouldn't have translated so well onto the big screen, not such the big seller that Dreamworks envisioned....


Now the trouble is with this new obsession is the the long list of Troll toys she hasn't got yet that she must have and Layla likes to think that she has more than birthday, we know this as she told her teacher recently in the middle of assembly during birthday announcements that it had been her birthday the previous day (her birthday is in July by the way). So she is expecting all these toys imminently.

My guess is this new fixation will only subside when Frozen 2 hits our screens and then the spending will start all over again! What films have your children become shall we say passionate about, have they had you spending money at a rapid rate on all the merchandise?


  1. We have been slow on the Trolls uptake but I have a feeling it won't be too long before we catch on too!

  2. Aww they are just so cute aren't they. Boo hasn't discovered trolls yet but when she does I am sure she will love them

  3. So cute! I remember these dudes the first time round, years ago! We're waiting for a whole bunch of sequels to come out this year from Frozen to Star Wars!

  4. My three-year-old is Troll crazy too! She kept going on and on about it before she even seen it at the cinema! She loved the film and keeps asking to go and see it again and she has a Poppy troll that she adores too xx

  5. I'm starting to see these everywhere. I used to have so many trolls when I was younger. I really want to watch this film. x

  6. It's so funny to see the toys we had making a come back! They have definitely had a facelift (sort of) since I last had Trolls! I need to see the film. Looks great! x

  7. We still haven't seen the film. Desperate to. I loved trolls when I was little so would love Eva to play with some x


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