Friday 13 January 2017

Promoting Road Safety To Kids Through Play

Road safety matters especially when it comes to kids. In 2014 the amount of children aged 5-7 that were injured on the roads was 292 and a further 10 were killed on Britain's roads. This to me is a scary fact but you'll be pleased to know that these numbers have significantly reduced compared to previous years and this is because of parents, teachers and carers making children and young people aware of the dangers on the road.

Children need to recognise the traffic which is around them, types of vehicles and how to spot them, how to cross the road in a safe manner. 

The Green Cross Code has always been a good way to promote these sorts of things but we are in a generation now where kids learn a great deal through play so something like a game to concentrate on could really help them take on board what we as adults are trying to tell them.

My kids have recently been using a road safety game which I've shown below and it's been a great tool in helping them learn about this particular topic, my 6 year old was the one who seemed most taken by it. We see a boy involved in different traffic situations and with each one your child is prompted to answer a question about what they should do. It's a great way to get them thinking about safety first.

Here's what my 8 year old thought of the game :

I thought it was fun because you get to learn more about safety and you will be more safe in the future. I got a couple of questions wrong but only two. I would play it over and over again because it was so fun. I have learnt more about safety now playing that cool game with my sister. We both loved that game! Thank You!!

I think the nice thing was that whether you got the questions right or wrong there was an explanation as to why you should do things in a certain way and at the end you even get a certificate. The game is more suited to children aged 6 and upwards due to reading the questions but parents could use the game themselves to start explaining the concepts to younger children.

Give road safety the green light!

Have you taught your children about road safety yet?


  1. The roads terrify me as a parent. I'm so worried about not instilling road safety enough into my 3 year old. He can be easily distracted which concerns me when we're out and about. This is a really useful and interesting post #pocolo

  2. This looks like a great game. I'm terrified of my kids going near the roads, so I think I might let them play this at the weekend and see what they think of it. It really is so important that kids learn the dangers and know how to deal with it! #PoCoLo

  3. I work in Road Safety and it's something I try hard to teach my 5 year old (although I'm unsure how much he's taken in)... This game looks like a good idea and I think I'll try it with him. #PoCoLo

  4. The roads scare me too....My girls are pretty sensible but this game looks fantastic! What a great idea x #PoCoLo

  5. As a teacher, I have always taught road safety at school and we have had road safety weeks, cycle classes etc. But we certainly don't do it as well as the dutch. It is an actual part of the curriculum and really needs to be with children riding bikes everywhere from a very early age. This games looks fun and perhaps something we could use at school too. #POCOLO

    1. I think being part of the curriculum would make a huge difference over here.

  6. Even with my youngest teenager I am still nagging her about road safety as I am sure she just forgets sometimes to look and it doesn't much to cause a catastrophe. You need to keep drilling it in until it sticks. #PoCoLo


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