Wednesday 11 January 2017

Song of the Deep Merryn's Jouney Book Review

In September last year my eldest daughter was lucky enough to review the fantastic Song of the Deep from video game creator Brian Hastings. The book both intrigued and amazed her so when we received the lovely hardback picture book Song of the Deep Merryn's Journey, she couldn't wait to get her head stuck in the book.

In a little cottage where the cliffs meet the waves, lived a young girl named Merryn.....


Each day her father goes out to sea to catch fish while Merryn tends her garden. And every night he comes home and sings her a lullaby about a mysterious world that lies below the waves - a world of serpents, merrows, monsters and a sunken city made of gold. Then one day, everything changes. Her father doesn't return from the sea. When Merryn dreams that he's in danger, she knows there's only one thing to do. She must dive beneath the waves and save him.

This is what I'd describe as a simplified version of the original story that we received, one more suitable for younger children, with illustrations that capture the essence of what the characters are thinking and feeling.

I'll let my eldest daughter explain more :

The Song of the Deep Merryn's Journey is a beautifully illustrated book for children. It follows the story of Merryn, a young girl who lives with her father. She is sung to every night about a wonderful world beneath the waves and when her father disappears she sets out to find him and finds so much more along the way.


The story contains a lot of mystery and magic that children of all ages will absolutely love. In my honest opinion, Merryn is an adventurous and confident young girl and is a great role model, I think most young children would be inspired by her bravery.

My favourite character of the story is Swish the little serpent. Personally from what I've seen in the illustrations, I think he would make a great teddy.

In conclusion, I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who asks about it. I still need to play the game as it sounds amazing!

I totally agree with my daughter when she says that children will be inspired by Merryn, it is wonderful to see such a strong female character. The story along with the illustrations give way to a magical world, one that the imagination could definitely get lost in.


There are lessons to be learnt as you read as well as learning a little bit more about our emotions and just how we can handle them. A great tale of adventure, team work and courage, one not to be missed.


  1. This sounds like a great book for my niece when she's a bit older. The illustrations look beautiful.

  2. Sounds like a great one for BookBairn when she's older! #readwithme

  3. It sounds like Merryn is a really strong female character. I love these illustrations and want to know the rest of the story now :o)


  4. The illustrations remind me of the Studio Ghibli stories. My 4yo loves Ponyo and My Neighbour Totoro so I'm sure this would appeal to him too. #readwithme

  5. this looks fab - and sounds like a strong character too x

  6. Looks a lovely book. And it is great when books are written alongside games as it immediately helps to gain a child's interest in the book

  7. The illustrations in this book look great and it sounds a good story too.
    Great review.

  8. When I first saw this I thought of TinTin. It's refreshing to see a female in the lead role.#readwithme


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