Wednesday 15 February 2017

Frozen Bedding From Character World

I've always been lucky that my children love their sleep, in fact my youngest will be a total grump during the day if she hasn't managed to get 12 hours in bed and these nights of rest are aided by a comfy bed and snuggly bedding. However just because they love their sleep, doesn't mean that getting them to bed in the first place is the easiest of tasks. So when I was asked if I would like to review a set of Frozen bedding from Character World, I knew my 4 year old would be just that bit more eager to get to bed than she normally is.


In the end I was actually sent two sets of bedding. As my two younger daughters share a bedroom, this was more than appreciated as it meant one less argument to contend with. Each single bed set came with a pillow case and a duvet cover, each of which was reversible, kind of like getting two bedding sets in one. My little Frozen fans were more than impressed when they came home from school the other day to find their new bed sets.


What I immediately loved is that although both sets were indeed covered in the Frozen characters that we know and love, they were actually slightly different designs. One with snowflakes and stars and one with smaller character prints. This meant that because they were reversible as well this gave my girls the chance to mix and match. The characters printed are bright and true to what you see on the film, the mixes of blues and purples could easily be matched in with different sheets and curtains.


The material is a microfibre made from poly-cotton and can be put in the tumble drier. You can both feel and see the quality, the bedding was soft straight out of the packet. The closure of the duvet is snap fastening, I much prefer this to buttons as it is quick and easy to seal. What I did notice was that the duvet cover itself seemed to be quite large, there seemed to be more duvet cover than duvet when I put it on, not that it bothered my kids at all.


I loved that the bedding fit in with the Frozen cuddly toys that they've been collected. Olaf and Elsa looked quite at home, seems we've now started a new theme for their bedroom, and with Frozen 2 still to come out I think it might like stay this way for quite some time.  It comes as no surprise that my the final verdict from my children was a big thumbs up, confirmed with a great big smile when jumping into bed and the peaceful nights sleep that followed.



  1. My daughter was a huge Frozen fan. She would have loved this bedding set :)


  2. Oh this would be a big hit in our house!
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x


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