Friday 17 February 2017

My Daily Skincare Routine

My daily skincare routine is one that has been found after a lot of trial and error. I'm a person with very sensitive skin. I'm allergic to quite a few products and from a young age I suffered from outbreaks of eczema and psoriasis. Even when I began to grow out of the eczema, I was left with patches around my nose, this always led to people asking if I had a cold. I seemed to get away with not having spots (a saving grace in my teenage years), but that wasn't to last as when I came off the pill after the husband had a vasectomy, I was left prone to horrible outbreaks on my chin. 


I said at the beginning that my skin is very sensitive and it has left me with a lot of confidence issues, especially when my lovely children point out just how many spots I have on my face on any given day. The problem is is that being sensitive makes it quite difficult to find products that won't lead to adverse reactions like dry or itchy skin and although I don't have the clearest of skin I thought sharing what I use/what I do might help others who have similar issues.


My routine is quite a simple one. I start my day by washing my face with soap and water. I like to use Lush soaps as I know they react well with my skin and they also smell amazing. 

I use a flannel to gentle rub the skin and pat dry with a towel when finished.



After I moisturise using Aveeno moisturising cream before applying any make up. This has been the best moisturiser that I've found and trust me I have tried a lot, this is also great to use on kids too. 


When putting on foundations and concealers I like to use Boots Natural Collection, I have found it to be wonderfully gentle on my skin.



At the end of the day I take off my make up using cotton pads and Pond's Cold Cream, I love this cleanser and it is so cheap too. 



Once this is done I then wash my face with soap and water again before exfoliating with Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Night Pads. These are a great way of getting rid of any build up of skin, something that I really suffer with due to psoriasis.

I then finish by moisturising again with my Aveeno moisturising cream. 

As I said my skin isn't crystal clear but it is the best it has been in a long time. When I have outbreaks of spots they tend to disappear quicker and they don't look as angry when there. I no longer have all the dry patches, my skin is soft to the touch. I try and aid these efforts by keeping hydrated, drinking around 1.2 litres of water a day. I think the best thing about my chosen skincare routine is the fact that the products I'm using don't break the bank.

Do you have a tried and tested skincare routine that you'd like to share with me? Why not pop it in the comments below.


  1. Hi Chantelle, finding a skincare routine that suits our skin is the secret to keeping it as happy and healthy as possible. Even some gentile products can be harsh on some skins. Your skincare routine is nice and simple, and indeed doesn't cost a small fortune. When I lived in England I loved Boots Simple products.


  2. I swear by Aveeno! Cheap, cheerful. My skin is sensitive and not everything agrees with it. #PoCoLo

  3. Skin is something we take for granted, and it wasn't until I was approaching 30 that I started to tacky skincare routine more seriously, it takes a while to find one that's right doesn't it? And contrary to what the brands tell you, it doesn't have to be a single brand. Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo

  4. I have fairly sensitive skin too, I use the Boots perfect range and that seems to work well with my skin. I like my routine to be quick and simple.
    Thanks for linking to #pocolo
    (Sorry for the epically late comment!)


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