Wednesday 29 March 2017

DreamWorks Trolls Hug Time Poppy Review

Trolls, it is still my children's current favourite film, I find them listening to the soundtrack often and they already have a good selection of merchandise so when Hasbro asked if I'd like to review the Hug Time Poppy interactive toy I knew my children would love me that little bit more when it arrived.


Princess Poppy comes complete with her own tiara and an extra matching bracelet for the child to wear. When activated she speaks over 25 phrases, she lights up and of course Poppy sings songs so that the kids can sing along.


What's clever about this toy is that when your child is wearing their flower bracelet, when pressed it connects with the matching flower bracelet on Poppy's wrist and this makes Poppy come alive. You can also press Poppy's belly to make her say even more phrases.


The flower bracelet and Poppy's tiara also makes a great accessories for kids when not being played with the doll as well so you feel like you are getting a bit extra for your money, although I will say the bracelet is quite large.


With her light up hair, and inviting words, Hug Time Poppy is a fantastic interactive toy. This toy also comes complete with a comb so that children can spend time styling her signature bright pink hair whilst listening to her chat.


From a parent perspective I like the fact that there is an on off switch, you know so the toy doesn't suddenly start speaking when the kids aren't playing with it. What I think would have been nice is if the toy had a softer body so it would have been nicer to in fact hug.


Hug Time Poppy has a RRP of £49.99 and although not the cheapest of toys I will say it was a huge hit my children and has been played with a lot since arriving in our house so highly recommended for any Trolls fans out there.


  1. My little girl would love this, something to bear in mind for her next birthday x

  2. My four-year-old would LOVE this! Trolls fanatic!

  3. Goodness, I didn't know these were still a thing! Although I've not seen a glowing one before :) Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo x


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