Wednesday 29 March 2017

Beauty and the Beast Write, Inspire, Create Book Review

The Beauty and the Beast live action film has been in the cinemas for a couple of weeks now. I previously reviewed some of the merchandise and now my girls have been lucky enough to sample one of the books to go along with the movie. Parragon books kindly sent us Beauty and the Beast Write, Inspire and Create, it is a book that opens up and endless supply of possibilities for writing stories, crating unique characters, and inventing new found worlds.


This book is full of enchanting characters, unusual places and exciting story ideas. All the colourful characters from Beauty and the Beast are here to help you create stories, poems, diary entries and more. Rewrite the end of your favourite story, fill in Belle's secret diary, list your top literary quotes ...
All you need is a pen and your imagination. Lets get started!


Being Disney, it has a real appeal, not just to those who already like to put pen to paper but to those who may be reluctant to start the writing process. With its gold and shiny cover and beautifully illustrated pages it actually comes across almost like a diary of sorts, or a note book for jotting down those fantastic story plot lines when they come to you. It is a book that you could keep as your own or perhaps share with your friends to conjure up some ideas together.


Now my girls definitely aren't shy when it comes to getting creative and it is actually my eldest's dream to become a published author one day. What this book does is broaden a child's imagination, gets them thinking beyond the simple beginning, middle and end, instead going further and including all the details that really make a story come to life. It puts you inside the minds of the characters you are creating rather than seeing things from your own perspective.

beauty-beast-write-inspire-create-literary quotes

Priced at £5.99 and filled with 160 pages that will a child's imaginations roam free, this is a book that will get your child thinking outside of the box, it will inspire them to dream and dream big and it'll give them the tools needed to magic up something uniquely special. It's a book that I believe in years to come will have turned into quite the keepsake, filled with memories of childhood thinking and telling a tale as old as time.


  1. Kaycee (11) would LOVE this book. I'm going to add it to her Amazon wishlist :) She's an avid reader and writer; she's got her second book club arranged for Saturday and she's got about 4-5 different stories on the go that she's writing!

  2. This sounds really good! My daughter loved the film! She is very happy writing stories at school and I think she's pretty good at them, but she would never write any in her spare time. I'd love to get her away from the TV and being a bit more creative and imaginative.

  3. I can't wait to see this film! What a lovely companion book - I hope the new Belle creates a whole other generation of readers the way that the original animated Belle meant so much to my generation! #readwithme

  4. I love the look of this and there's still time for the Easter Bunny to order a copy ;o)


  5. This looks a fantastic book.
    Will keep it in mind when the grandkids get a bit older.

  6. This looks like a great book for inspiring children's writing, I loved nooks like this when I was younger #readwithme

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