Friday 28 April 2017

Little Loves April

Another month gone by, I think it went even faster this time because of the kids being on their Easter holidays for a lot of it, still being the end of April can only mean one thing, it must be time for this month's Little Loves post. 


I was reading this interview with Amy Schumer in Glamour magazine, I think this woman is quite an inspiration in this day and age, honest and raw at times, really refreshing to see someone so real in the land of celebrity.


I became obsessed with Pretty Little Liars this month, I binge watched this programme for 2 weeks, that's 7 seasons, well 6 and a half, all so I could be ready for new episodes. If you haven't watched it already, I'm telling you it is addictive viewing!


Might sound silly but what I've heard a lot this month is the sound of my children having fun, with the sun making a long term appearance lately they've been able to play outdoors a lot more and it is so nice to see and hear them enjoying the freedom of simply being able to play in the garden, go on bike rides, instead of being cooped up inside watching You Tube all of the time.



My little brother came to visit in the Easter holidays and whilst he was down we done some baking with the kids. We made these rather scrummy white chocolate and pistachio blondies.



Now I'm not sure if this counts as wearing but my kids got these lovely lip balms for Easter and they have been smothering their lips in them ever since. With flavours like Peppermint Palace and Lemonade Lake, these Candy Crush lip balms are quite the treat.

And Lasty...


With it being National Stationery Week I thought I'd show off this gorgeous notebook which Rooi kindly sent me, there's still chance to get 20% off of their site using code 20MUMMY but quick the code runs out on the 1st May 17.


  1. Lovely pictures, whoo I could just eat a piece of your white chocolate Blondie's, yummy :) #Pocolo

  2. Oh man PLL is just so addictive isn't it?? I'm up to date with it now but I must admit, I don't really have any idea what on earth is going on. With so many twists and turns I can't keep up! xx

  3. Oo I need to pick up a copy of Glamour magazine - I love Amy Schumer, so would be interested to read her interview. I haven't watched any PLL yet, I'm saving it for maternity leave/early long newborn days :) #LittleLoves

  4. I'm so far behind on PLL, I need to catch up! Those lip balms look fab as well, love the bright packaging. Enjoy your long weekend :)

  5. I love how Candy Crush has branched out with lip balms lol. I am always so far behind with Netflix shows as never seen Pretty Little Liars. We are still watching Gilmore Girls #LittleLoves x

  6. You did really well to watch that much PLL in that short a time haha! I should really give it another go some day. Love the look of those blondies, they look delicious. Have a great weekend :) #LittleLoves

  7. Those blondies look amazing! I've never watched Pretty Little Liars, everyone raves about it so maybe it should be next on my list for a binge watch. Have a great bank holiday #littleloves

  8. Wow those blondies look delicious! Never seen Pretty Little Liars, I have so much I want to watch but it never happens! Have a wonderful weekend.. Popping over from #LittleLove

  9. OH I can't wait to start PLL again. I have been waiting for a friend to come round to watch it with me. Sounds fab. I loved all the seasons I watched them all back to back. Happy bank holiday weekend #littleloves

  10. Ahh! How lovely!
    I keep meaning to start watching Pretty Little Liars. I have heard so much about it.
    I'm guessing my teen hasn't seen those Candy crush lip balms or she would have been asking for them.

  11. OH I really need to catch up with PLL - I'm so behind now, but used to love it! And those blondies look amazing! xx

  12. I love seeing what food you have been making it always looks delicious. I haven't watched PLL yet but I have so many series on my to watch list I don't know if I will get round to seeing it anytime soon! #pocolo

  13. Those lip balms sound lovely and I like the sound of a down to earth celebrity. #PoCoLo


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