Wednesday 19 April 2017

Love is Patient, Love is Kind Book Review

Love is Patient, Love is Kind, this is an adorable picture book illustrated by Naoko Stoop. It takes the quote from 1 Corinthians 13...

Love is patient, love is kind... It hopes all things, endures all things .. love never ends.

This board book is appealing right from the front cover. A simple picture that draws you in, a boy and a girl with their dog and a cat, sitting in a garden, both appearing to look at a small plant beginning to grow.

The message of the book is clear from the title and is one that I think both children and adults need to hear from time to time. Now I'm not a religious person but that's not to say that what is said sometimes doesn't resonate with me.

This saying reminds us that there is no need for jealousy, no need for rudeness but even when we slip with our behaviour from time to time, love is still there waiting for us.

What I like throughout the story is that although the focus is indeed on this all important message, with the illustrations alongside these wise words young children get to learn a lot more. 

When I was reading this with my youngest we first looked at what we had to do when planting a flower, how we are kind to them by watering them and making sure they are looked over. 

We then talked about the change in season because as you turn the pages if you look closely at the scenery changing we go from Spring, Summer, to Autumn and finally Winter.

Love is Patient, Love is Kind is a a book that portrays an important message whilst allowing children to learn so much more.

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  1. This looks so cute! Love is patient... sometimes mummy struggles with this one!


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