Sunday 16 April 2017

My Sunday Photo 2017 #16

We have had some glorious weather whilst the girls have been off school these past 2 weeks. I did end up rather sun burnt on one of those days but we'll just ignore that bit. I tool this photo when we decided to take a wander down the seafront. It took a lot less time than trying to get them all smiling at the camera!


  1. I love this, much easier than getting them all to look at the camera

    Happy Easter and thank you for linking up

  2. Fab photo! What a great idea for a photo!
    Happy Easter x

  3. So simple, yet such an effective photo. Great shot. Happy Easter x #MySundayPhoto

  4. I wonder if this could be the answer for me, mine will never pose, great idea.

  5. Great photo! The shadows are so clear and you can really see the differences between you all just from the silhouettes. I need to try this!


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