Friday 29 September 2017

Little Loves September

Can't believe the kids have been back at school for almost a month now. The temperature has definitely dropped and the evenings are darker, if I'm honest I have been looking forward to Autumn for a while now.

But of course the end of another month can only mean one thing, it's time for my little loves round up for the month of September.


It was my ninth wedding anniversary this month and I spent a lot of time reminiscing, looking back through old photos and reading through my guest book and all the cards we were given.


There have been three programmes I watched this month. The first school is the old school Party of Five, anyone used to watch that when they were younger? My favourite thing to watch has been Atypical, very funny and put together in such a good way, highly recommend. And lastly I've been watching The Sinner, it was so very unexpected but ended up surprising me in a good way.


I've got back into listening to the platinum hour on Radio X every Friday, brings up some old school tunes that I'd long since forgotten. I love Chris Moyles, and that hour of music always perks me up for the weekend to come.


I made a sponge cake for my eldest as a good luck for her starting school, trouble is the kids actually ate it for breakfast that day and they didn't give me a chance to take a photograph of the cake first. Something else I made was a tiffin cake for my husband on our anniversary as it's his favourite, I did manage to get a photo of one slice before I ate that.


My nails are something I try to look after, I keep them long (until the break) but the problem I have is that they aren't very strong so this month I've been trying out a nail strengthener from Renunail and I'm rather impressed. The trick is to apply it every day for 4 days, wipe off and then repeat two more times and then leave for a week or two and I noticed a huge difference after the first four days. My eldest is now using it in the hopes that it will also stop her biting her nails.

This second one isn't technically what I wore but my eldest daughter started secondary school this month so I thought it was only right that I shared her first photo in her new uniform.

And lastly....


I got a new tattoo this month and I just had to show it off.


  1. Happy anniversary. This month has gone so fast. I used to love party of five. The tiffin looks delicious.

  2. Wow! Your tattoo! Your tiffin looks yummy! Happy belated wedding anniversary! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, popping over from #littleloves

  3. That tiffin looks incredible! We rarely go a week without some at work.

  4. That's one hell of a tattoo! Love it! Congratulations on your anniversary! Hope your eldest is enjoying secondary school. Have a great weekend!

  5. Party of Five! oh my goodness I loved that show, I must give it a re-watch. Happy Anniversary, that Tiffin looks delicious. I love your tattoo I'm still debating what I want for my first one. Have a great weekend x

  6. OH WOW! Your tattoo! I love it! I'm desperate to get another I just can't decide on placement.
    Loved Party of Five, I must rewatch it xx


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