Wednesday 27 September 2017

Mango Delight Book Review

My eldest daughter is at a stage where hormones are starting to go crazy and emotions are all over the place and with her having just started secondary school it's sometimes hard to know what to say to her in certain situations. This is where books can make a profound difference and Mango Delight is a book that does just that.


Seventh grader Mango Delight Fuller loves Beyonce´, running on the track team and hanging out with her best friend, Brooklyn. But when she outshines her bestie on the track, jealousy and an accident with a cell phone plunge Mango's life into chaos. Middle school is hard enough with a great friend, so when Mango is left friendless and kicked off the track team, school seems impossible. To make matters worse, Brooklyn maliciously signs up Mango to audition for the school play! Mango's pride will not let her be humiliated, and after a buzzworthy audition, Mango earns the lead role. But being in the spotlight comes with its own set of challenges: new friends, new rules, new expectations, and new problems. Soon Mango finds herself forced to make tough choices about the kind of friend she wants to have . . . and the kind of friend she wants to be.

I'd say that this book is aimed at children between the ages of nine and thirteen which is why I thought it would be best reviewed by my eldest child:

Mango Delight is a wonderful book for all readers. It follows the story of Mango Delight Fuller and her adventures into a new life. After her best friend Brooklyn gets a new set of friends and leaves her behind, Mango goes on a journey to find new friends, new hobbies and new love.

“Remember, my sweet Mango, sometimes when it seems things are falling apart, they are really just falling into place.”

I found Mango Delight to be an emotional story, one that will bring tears to your eyes. My favourite part of this book is the beautiful love story between Mango and TJ. It's like the classic love triangle but no vampires ;)

Another great quality to this book is the character Hailey Joanne. At the beginning she is portrayed as selfish and rude but as her friendship with Mango begins we see that she doesn't really have anyone to talk to and actually deep down she's a nice person.

It just goes to show you can't judge a book by its cover.

I recommend this to teenagers, children starting a new school, just for kids going through some sort of change. I'm just starting secondary and I found this book very relatable. This is a book I'll read over and over, every child should have this tale on their book shelf.

This is a well written story. It looks at friendship, love and diversity. Fracaswell Hyman has managed to capture the essence of teenage life, of growing up. It is both emotional and meaningful, Mango Delight has a depth that really gets the reader thinking.

Mango Delight is a well paced book and with humour  mixed amongst the drama, it offers so much more than a simple storyline. It is a book that I would recommend tweens and teens read, there's some good life lessons to be learned. 


  1. Thank you for this wonderful review. I really love the sound of this book for my eldest niece.


  2. This does sound a lovely book. I just need to find something similar aimed at boys

  3. I've got a 12 year old and I totally get what you're saying about hormones!

  4. What a great review from your eldest! #readwithme


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