Wednesday 27 September 2017

My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Swimming Seapony Toy Review

I was a huge fan of My Little Pony when I was younger, I used to watch them on the TV and play with the ponies themselves, my bedroom used to be filled with them. It's nice that I can still share these sorts of things with my children, especially because My Little Pony are still around, even if they are shall we say a little different.


We were recently sent one of the new range of ponies to play with and review, my youngest two were eager to get her out of the box and see just what she could do.

What is Pinkie Pie Swimming SeaPony?

This toy takes its inspiration from My Little Pony: The movie. Pinkie Pie comes from the land of Seaquestria, she's a beautiful pink seapony that to you and I looks very much like a mermaid with her magical mermaid-like tail. Pinkie Pie is actually my youngest daughter's favourite character from My Little Pony so this was one to add to her collection.


Aimed at children aged 3+, she has a mermaid tail, a fin on her back which has her trademark cutie mark printed on it and pretty pink hair. Also included with Pinkie Pie is a comb accessory so your child can style her hair if they wish.

Imagine fabulous fun deep in the land of Seaquestria with Pinkie Pie! Inspired by My Little Pony: The Movie, this Pinkie Pie seapony figure has a beautiful, mermaid-like tail with her signature cutie mark printed on her back fin. 

What can Pinkie Pie Swimming Seapony do?

This clever pony being a mermaid can actually swim. Simply squeeze her back by her fin and she'll do the rest. Pinkie Pie floats in the water and when activated her tail moves and she swims with ease. From a parent point of view the only thing that annoyed me was that the mechanism of the tail moving was quite loud but this definitely didn't bother the kids.


To add a magical element her tail glows and sparkles as she swims. As mentioned above she also comes with her own comb so once bath time is over the kids can spend time combing her hair and styling it, something that my girls love doing. Although I'd say the hair is best played with once it has dried as opposed to when it's wet.


Place this seapony in water and watch her swim on her own. Underwater, her tail sparkles and glows!

Where can Pinkie Pie Swimming Seapony be purchased?

Pinkie Pie can be purchased from places like Smyths for the RRP of £20.99. The question is, is she worth the money? In a word, yes. My girls have been more keen to jump in the bath since this toy arrived, the only downside is that my bathroom has got a little wet with all of their splashing around but it really it saves me cleaning the floor in there!

The toy comes complete with 2 AAA batteries so Pinkie Pie is ready to play with straight out of the box, a big plus for the parents and children I think. Whether your child is a fan of My Little Pony or not, this is still a toy that will have massive appeal just because of the mermaid element. Interactive, fun and best of all the price doesn't break the bank. I can see this being on many Christmas lists 

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