Wednesday 8 November 2017

Jo Jo Deluxe Bow Maker Review

For those of you that haven't heard of JoJo Siwa let me tell you a little bit more about her. Her reall name is Joelle Joanie Siwa  and she is an American dancer, singer, actress, and for my kids a big YouTube personality. 


You may know her from her appearance on Dance Moms along with her mother, Jessalynn Siwa. I now know her from her singles "Boomerang" and "Kid in a Candy Store" which my 5 year old plays on repeat.

My girls were kindly sent a few items from her range and this included and umbrella, some original Jo Jo bows and the deluxe bow maker.


The bows are a craze that has stemmed from JoJo's when she's worn the infamous bows on TV, many young girls like to not only wear them but collect them too because there are so many colourways and sizes available to buy and now kids have the opportunity to create their very own bows using the Jo Jo Deluxe Bow Maker.


Most suitable for children aged five and above, this clever piece of kit comes complete with: a bow maker, pom pom key rings, ribbons, clips, fabric glue, adhesive gems and a bow display ribbon


So lets start with the positives. The bow maker is priced between £10-15 depending on where you buy it from and with all that's included you can make 8 bows, this is excellent value for money as one singular JoJo bow could set you back £12 by itself.


It's great for kids getting creative and certainly has them practicing with their motor skills and hand-eye coordination and it had my girls working together (I did have to lend a helping hand) so it can also introduce the idea of team work. And what they get at the end is a bow which is unique to them rather than the exact same ones that everyone else is wearing.


I love the display ribbon that is included as this means the bows won't be left all over the bedroom floor like I normally find them, they can be displayed nicely and it makes it easier in the mornings for them to pick out the one that they'd like to wear.


Now there were some things that we struggled with along the way so I'd like to suggest some improvements.

The instructions that come with the bow maker are quite basic and actually when making the first bow it took us three attempts and a youtube video to help us actually make something that resembled a JoJo bow, it wasn't stated that actually the rods in the bow maker needed to be moved in order to change from large ribbon to small ribbon.


This wasn't the end of the world because as you can see we did manage to figure it out in the end but seen as this is for young children I think the instructions could be made clearer.


Within the instructions it stated that the bow needed to be left for half an hour in order for the glue to dry but in reality we had to leave the bows over night for the glue to go off completely, this left my girls rather disappointed as they had to wait longer to put them in their hair, so just be warned if you do purchase this that you'll need to be patient.


What I would also suggest is that you use a bit of the glue to also stick on the gems and diamantes as they didn't stick very well by themselves, falling off quite quickly after putting them on, I was finding many of them stuck to my socks after!


Over all I would recommend the Jo Jo Deluxe Bow Maker, the price is extremely reasonable for what you get and my girls were extremely happy with their finished bows, you just need to have a bit of patience, ok maybe a lot of patience when making them.

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