Saturday 11 November 2017

Become a Popstar With the JoJo Siwa Microphone and Bodacious Bow

You may have heard of JoJo Siwa, she's a TV star and a YouTube sensation (4.7 million subscribers!). Beginning her career on the popular TV programme, Dance Moms, JoJo has since gone on to release hit singles including Boomerang, a range of her famous bows and many more items to accompany them. 


The latest products to emerge from this craze are the JoJo Siwa Microphone and her new Bodacious Bow. I'm sure these will be on many Christmas lists this year and I'm here to give you a close up of what you can expect from them.


The Bodacious Bow is a take on those colourful, oversized bows we've come to see on many children across the nation but what makes this one even more special is that it features a bonus multi-coloured hair extension (think unicorn). 


We received the bow in a gorgeous blue, covered in silver swirled hearts but there are other colours available including pink and yellow. From a parent point of view I like how easy the clip is to use and it definitely makes your children easy to pick out in a crowd!


You can of course match the bow to your favourite outfit and for those who are reluctant to have their hair done, this is a fun way to encourage them to have their hair up, they get to look just like JoJo. With a RRP of £14.99, it might not be the cheapest of hair accessories but it certainly makes the perfect gift for any JoJo Siwa fan.


Now as well as being fans of JoJo Siwa, my girls also love the X Factor so the JoJo Microphone is the best present that they could have got. Not only can they sing along to JoJo's song, if they plug in an MP3 player they can also sing along to their favourite songs of the moment.


Even better than that, the microphone lights up  as the music plays, makes for great disco lighting. Complete with what looks like a sparkly JoJo bow, so when wearing their own JoJo bow, they matched the microphone. 


Attaching an MP3 is easy, simply uncover the audio cable neatly tucked away at the bottom compartment of the microphone (easy to put back in too) and pop in the headphone jack on your audio device, unsurprisingly my lot instantly put on Little Mix. You can see below them in full action.

The only problem real problem we had was with my youngest (she's 5), she needed reminding to keep holding down the mic button when she wanted to sing. Oh and then there was the constant repeating of Boomerang, it would have been nice to have a few more songs pre-loaded onto the microphone.


The JoJo Microphone also has a RRP of £14.99 and for this price, your children are provided with hours upon hours of fun so well worth the money. The toy does need 3 x AAA batteries but these are included with the microphone so no panic when the kids open it up Christmas day, as they can start playing with it instantly.

I can't tell Flair PLC just how grateful I am to them for sending these through to my girls for review, it was definitely like Christmas come early in our house this week.


  1. love her singing! MM is all obsessed with the song boomerang and carriers her microphone everywhere now!

    1. Yes mine have been the same, carrying the microphone around, they've also been using it for doing celebrity interviews on each other lol


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