Monday 13 November 2017

Read With Me #46 2017

Half way through November so we can definitely mention the C word now, right? Well I'm going to share with you some lovely picture books from Little Tiger so hopefully you're not too much of a scrooge and will stay to have a read.


One Noisy Night


This a lovely touch and feel book that looks at puzzle solving and is tenth in the Little Hedgehog series. With a wintery feel it looks at friendship and is perfect for the season.

The Perfect Present


A wonderfully festive book, we meet best friends Billy and Bella and the story gets us thinking about being a bit more selfless, because really it's about the giving isn't it.

Santa to the Rescue!


This has already become a favourite in my house. We get to see the animals of Holly Tree forest working together as a team to help Santa save some poor snowed in bears on Christmas Eve, the question is can they do it in time?

It's Christmas!

The Rhino from the book No! Why? Now and More! is back in this festive offering, just how will he save Christmas to make it the most ultimate day? This is THE book to get your kids excited about Christmas, and the ending is truly special!

Now after all these festive books, my favourite post last week came from Along Came Poppy with her thoughts on books to do with first Christmases .

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Happy reading.


  1. I love Christmas books. We've done a book advent for a few years and the girls love opening a new story to read every night :)

  2. Ahh these picture books look so lovely! I love the illustrations in Little Tiger books, always very cute. I remember working through all the Little Hedgehog books I could find at our library when my daughter was a toddler, you've reminded me to revisit them now I have another toddler to entertain!

  3. These books look lovely. There is always something so special about Christmas books

  4. What a great selection and we haven't read any of them!!! #readwithme

  5. I'm slightly sad that I have no excuse to read Christmas books to my daughter anymore - she'll be 18 by Christmas!


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