Saturday 9 December 2017

Elf on the Shelf 2017 Round Up 2

Week two of the Christmas countdown and we're back with more inspiration for those mischievous elves. Have yours been naughty or nice so far?

Day three

Now I like to make my house festive but the elves have taken it a step further this year by making my bathroom Christmas ready too.


Day four

The cuddly toys must have got bored over night and decided to take part in a sack race, we're wondering who the winners were.


Day five

What's better than a treasure hunt, well a candy cane hunt of course!


Day six

A task has been set for the kids to make some Christmas decorations of their own using cereal and pipe cleaners.


Day seven

Looks like the elves have been picking out what they'd like from Santa.


Day eight

Four elves in a house wasn't enough, time to make some more and put on a puppet show.


Day nine

Seems like they've been having a bit too much fun with stickers.


Don't forget to pop back next Saturday for some more elf antics.


  1. hahaha! I have nearly the same toilet set. My fella thought I had lost the plot decorating the bathroom. He put his foot down and said I am not getting Christmas toilet roll. lol
    It looks like your elves have been having great fun x


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