Saturday 23 December 2017

Elf on the Shelf 2017 Round Up 4

It's nearly time to say goodbye to our elves for another year but before we do here is a final weeks worth of ideas for you store ready for next years antics.

Day seventeen

The count down is on!

Day eighteen

Seems the elves needs some things when I go food shopping. Candy, candy and more candy.

Day nineteen

Seems we didn't have enough elves, time to grow another one.

Day twenty

That's lunch all wrapped up!

Day twenty one

All aboard the shoe train.

Day twenty two

The sprinkle fairy has arrived.

Day twenty three 

Who knew elves had iPads too.

And that's all folks, well for this year at least, you can see Day 24 on tomorrow's post and I'll be back next year with some more elf antics to hopefully lend you some inspiration.

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