Wednesday 13 December 2017

Good Night Little Bot Book Review

Bed time, the time of the day where children find any excuse under the sun to come back downstairs. You know the ones, I forgot to tell you, I'm thirsty, I haven't given you a kiss, but I really need a toilet and the classic, I'm not tired!

Good Night Little Bot showcases this brilliantly.


It's bedtime for Little Bot. He slips his PJs over his power pack and enjoys a few batteries for a tasty snack, but, just like you, Little Bot needs a few more things before he can power down for the night!

The Story begins with Little Bot being told by his mum that it is time for bed. And of course Little Bot isn't thrilled by this idea when he's told to turn off the TV. What I love from a parent point of view is that their is a clear bed time routine. First he has to get into the tub and have a wash, then its PJs on and finally a drink before getting into bed, although I wouldn't recommend drinking oil.

This is a great thing for little ones to see, especially those that are reluctant to even get ready for bed in the first place.

Little Bot, it's time for bed. Let's get ready, sleepyhead.


But the trouble is that Little Bot just doesn't appear to be tired. Where does he get his energy from, why isn't he sleepy? And this is when he suddenly remembers that there are things he must do, they couldn't possibly wait until the morning could they?

He combs his circuits and brushes his bolts. His mum decides reading him a story might help (a could idea in my opinion) but one story just isn't enough, how about two? More like ten. What else could his poor mum do to tire him out?


What's nice is that as you read on you get a real sense of love and care and this is what we want every child to feel isn't it. My youngest saw the comparisons as she read. Little Robot has his Teddy Bear, my 5 year old has her favourite cuddly toy, Chebacca to be precise, they both get tucked in and get hugs and kisses, the only difference, I don't sing lullabies, I'm quite certain this wouldn't be soothing in any way!

I won't spoil the ending but lets just say sleep is involved. Good Night Little Bot is a simple tale yet very effective. A great bed time story as it shows children just how they should be behaving by the time they should be snug in their beds.


  1. This sounds like a really original story about bedtime, I love the idea of Little Bot eating batteries and drinking oil :o)


  2. What a lovely bedtime story

  3. I'm glad to hear that Little Bot does eventually go to sleep by the end of the book. Mine haven't tried getting up and coming downstairs yet, I don't want them to get any more ideas for delaying bedtimes! #readwithme


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