Wednesday 13 December 2017

Why I Love Portable North Pole (and a reader discount)

Way back in 2013 I reviewed the Portable North Pole, back then I was creating free personalised videos and even then my kids were in awe, it just added that little bit more magic to Christmas. 


Portable North Pole 2017 lets you create highly personalised video messages delivered directly from Santa in just a few minutes on the web, smartphone or tablet. Watch your child's (or friends or other family members!!!!) smile light up the minute Santa greets them by name and shows their picture. PNP brings the magic of the North Pole Village to life and lets kids be kids a little bit longer as they see real-life Santa’s home, the magical reindeers, and the hustle and bustle of the elves.We want to work with you to showcase PNP and the joy it creates.

Years on there are even more free videos available which can be shared across social media or by email and there are also options for premium videos with extra personalisation and now you can even better than that, you can purchase a Magic Pass and with this you get:

Unlimited premium videos, including Santa’s Verdict
The Reaction Recorder (on the mobile app)
Unlimited Santa Calls
HD Downloads of all of your videos

I was kindly given a code to access the Magic Pass myself. There are so many videos that are unlocked with the pass and these videos are unlimited, this is brilliant for families with more than one child as you can create videos for every kid. Options for videos include 'The Elves Magic Door', 'Your Big Book' and 'Christmas Eve'.

When making the videos there are some lovely options to make them that little bit more unique, from pictures of your home and the children to the gifts they'd like to receive and what they need to do get on that nice list.

To make the most of the pass I went ahead and downloaded the app on my phone too so that I was able to use the reaction recorder,


You can see my youngest's reaction to her video below:

As well as being able to create videos and calls there is also a fantastic range of toys and gifts which you can purchase, this includes things like letters to santa, books, cuddly toys and the fantastic Do Good Elves. All of these can be purchased from

Our elf has become an extra family member. My seven year old takes Jamie (that's what she named him) to bed, feeds him dinner and she's been watching the videos on PNP finding out how to make sure her elf behaves. 

Having used Portable North Pole before (it's a yearly tradition), I can't begin to tell you how impressed I am with all the added extras. The Magic Pass makes the experience just that little bit more special and because you can save the videos to your phone or your computer, they are something great to look back on throughout the month of December and beyond.

If you are after something to gain some extra Christmas spirit then perhaps I can tempt you with 20% off of a magic pass, simply follow the link to Portable North Pole here and follow the instructions on the screen.

Give the gift of a message from Santa this year, I promise your children will love it!

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