Friday 19 January 2018

Certificates, Waffles and Keeping Warm #LittleLoves

I think I'm finally getting into the swing of things this year now. The early wake ups aren't bothering me half as much now and dare I say it, I'm starting to enjoy exercising again although I could really do with the temperatures warming up because I'll admit, I've taken to working out in my pyjamas most mornings because it is just far too cold to wear the exercise gear thatI'd prefer to put on.

The kids are in a routine with school, the youngest two have started a multi-sports club at school on a Thursday afternoon so they're doing their bit to stay active too, not that they're ever really that still when at home any way. Although my eldest would of course prefer at least an extra hour in bed every morning.

But here's what else I can share with you this week:


The first thing I read was actually from late last week. I got a letter in the post (and it wasn't a bill), what I found inside was a certificate for my eldest daughter and a letter of congratulations informing us that a poem her school had submitted for a competition had been chosen to be published in a book next month. This topped off her week as the same day she'd also been chosen for a part in her class play that she'd been desperate to get.


Now onto actual book reading. I'm a person that used to read at least three to four books a week. I was always in a rush to grab the next novel. But the problem with that was that I wasn't really taking in the stories properly. Not like my eldest that can tell you every character and every detail from all of the tales that she decides to read. So, I made the conscious decision this year to slow down my reading pace.

Trying to stick to just one book a week, this I hoped would put a little more enjoyment back into reading and I'm pleased to say it has. The latest book that I finished was Tower of Dawn by Sarah J Maas, part of a the huge Throne of Glass series. These books get better with each one that I read and to be honest at over six hundred pages long, it is no surprise that this one took me a full week to read!


I started watching a series on Netflix, I think it was actually made by channel 4, it is called The End of a F***ing World . The episodes are only around 20 minutes long, perfect for someone like me who struggles to stay awake these days, go figure seen as when I actually go to bed I'm wide awake! Anyway, the show is certainly different, quirky and myself and my husband found it highly funny. A lot of sarcasm and wit which is exactly we are like ourselves.


Have you heard Justin Timberlake's new song? If not why not? But seriously I have been playing this on repeat, this man can do no wrong in my eyes I mean he is rather nice to look at to isn't he so it's a win win right there.

The other song I've been listening to a lot is Feel It Still . I was surprised to learn that it's actually a man singing the song, mind blown. All the time I'd previously been listening to it, I could have sworn it was a woman belting out the lyrics.


Hats! Need I say more. I've felt so cold the past couple of weeks. Now I am a hat person, I do like to wear them out of the house quite often but these last few days my hats have become a permanent fixture on my head. I haven't even been polite enough to take them off when indoors for fear of becoming colder than I already am.

My hat of choice at the moment has to be the bobble hat which luckily I have in a variety of colours. My favourite being my baby pink one that my mum got me from Primark for Christmas. A lot of people say that they don't wear hats not because they don't want to but because they think that they won't suit them. I quite frankly couldn't care less if I actually suit them or not, as long as I remain cosy and warm (or ok hiding the hair that I haven't washed), then I will continue to wear them, at least until spring arrives.


For Christmas one of the presents my girls got between them was a waffle maker. Well if I'm being precise it actually makes waffles, cake pops and doughnuts, but for us it is all about the waffles. Seen as we've passed the midway point of January I thought it was hight time that we got it out of the box and attempt to use it. My second eldest helped me to make the batter, she's definitely a baker in the making and then the cooking process began

You'll be pleased to know that it worked. Lovely full size waffles. My only problem is that it took so long to cook them. Each waffle needed around 6 minutes to cook and then you needed to allow the machine to heat up so I've now made the executive decision to only use it at the weekends when we're not running around like headless chickens trying to get out of the door on time for school again (you know the one).

I am now also trying to find recipes for a healthier version of the waffle, so if anyone has one or knows of a good one can you please let me know.

And lastly...

It's been a week of preparation for lots of different things. My mums birthday is Sunday so I needed to bake a cake for her and it's one of my daughter's birthdays next week so I've been trying my best to get everything organised for that. She's having a sleep over with friends today which meant even more things for me to get ready. Wish me luck for tonight as they'll be two extra girls in the house so six including my four. The husband is quite sensibly escaping and going to the pub.

I'm looking forward to a glass or three of wine tomorrow in celebration of getting through another week. We're still making our way through the left over alcohol from Christmas, I even found a bonus bottle of wine on top of the fridge!

Happy weekend everyone.


  1. Its been so so cold this week hasn't it? The wooly hats have definitely been a staple for me too this week. That waffle looks yummy! Have a wonderful weekend, Popping over from Little Loves

  2. This week really has been so cold. I'm going to check out Justin Timberlakes new song Im very behind on the music front. #LittleLoves

  3. Wow, a 600 page book - in ONE WEEK?! That's amazing! If only. Love the waffle maker, looks like a delicious breakfast. Enjoy your weekend xx

  4. Well done to your daughter, I bet she was thrilled to receive that ! I was the same with books and find I'm enjoying them so much more now I've slowed down. Have a lovely weekend x #LittleLoves

  5. Wow well done. and those waffles are making me so so hungry. Hope you have a great weekend ahead. #littleloves

  6. Well done on the exercise front an dot your daughter for her certificate. We came across that series last weekend but I just couldn't get into it. Hope your having a great weekend. #litteloves

  7. Oh wow! I'd love a gadget which made cake pops, waffles and doughnuts! We have a cake pop maker and hubby's banned me from any more gadgets in the kitchen. Well done on the exercise front- it's next on my list of things to challenge me, but I have to admit the cold isn't making the idea attractive. Hope you have a great weekend #LittleLoves

  8. Every time I see an ad for The End of the Fucking World I make a mental note to give it a go but I've got a thing about only committing to one show at a time at the mo. I have a theory that if I binge one at a time I'll get through them quicker than always dipping in and out of various shows.

  9. haha I made waffles too last weekend! You're lucky you still have alchohol left over from Christmas, we only have empty bottles and need to restock xx

  10. I loved End of The F***ing World! I missed in when it was on Channel 4 so I'm really pleased that Netflix picked it up. Hope you had a lovely weekend! xx


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