Friday 5 January 2018

Health, Fitness and Routines #LittleLoves

2017 wasn't a bad year for me. It started and ended just the way I like it, with family and friends surrounding me and at the end of the day that's what's really needed to make me smile. Yes I could always do with more money in the bank and more time to just sit and reflect on all things wonderful but ultimately those aren't the things that defy how I live. Now with the alarm back on and my motivation returning I thought it was high time I get writing again.

Last year I began to join in with the inspiring linky that is Little Loves. I was doing this once a month but reading posts weekly. I've set myself a little challenge for 2018 to link up a new post every week in an attempt to get my blogging mojo back. I've never been focused on numbers or the amount of people who read my blog, it's always just been my little space in the web but even for myself I felt my content was lacking last year so this year I'm trying to get back a more personal feel.

So without further ado please join me for this weeks #LittleLoves posting....


Normally for Christmas I end up with an abundance of books to read, this time round I only got two, but they were two that had been in my TBR pile for quite some time. In recent years I've put some pressure on myself to read a lot, it's my hobby but I almost forced it just to get time to myself, staying up late just to squeeze in a few extra pages. This year, I'm slowing down, allowing myself to really take in the words on the pages.


So my first read of the new year was Rainbow Rowell's novel Eleanor and Park. What I loved most about this story is that the ending is sort of up to interpretation, make of it what you will, this gives the book different meaning for each and every reader. If you haven't read anything from this author yet I highly recommend that you do.


The new season of Black Mirror got added to Netflix on the 29th of December. It is a programme that both my husband and I enjoy so it was nice to sit down and watch something together. This is a show that really gets you thinking and scarily although somewhat futuristic, what is portrayed seems utterly possible in so many ways.

After every episode I'm left thinking 'what if'. So cleverly thought out and the actors/actresses do a fantastic job of pulling you in. 


Ok so with the new year came back to school and back to work. I've heard many groans and moans from my children (and the husband) as alarms have gone off and being made to get out of bed. My lot are all quite lazy, sleeping in until at least 9am in the holidays so waking up at 7am has been a struggle shall we say.

I on the other hand have quite enjoyed getting back to reality, back to routine. It's made me kickstart exercising again. Daily workouts have made me less sluggish, less bloated and even though I'm having less sleep, I feel more awake than I have done in a long time. 


So although I have tried to step up my health and fitness game, my jeans are still a little tight, something to aim for though. But while I wait for the pounds to drop off I have been opting for the more forgiving leggings. Although I did have to buy a new pair from Primark this week because I'd worn a hole in my previous pair, obviously a sign that I perhaps opt to put them on too often.


And with the return of early get ups and routine, it has also seen the return of healthier home-cooked meals. Instead of reaching for the snacks I've been making the effort to cook from scratch a lot more including the picture sausage casserole. My only problem has been saying no to the remaining Christmas cake and chocolate on show.


I buy less food every Christmas now but we still seem to be left with an abundance of sweet treats, not helped by my mum bringing down all the left overs from her house too. Everything is always that much more appealing when you are trying to cut down on them aren't they.

And lastly .....

Now although I'm quite pleased to be back to routine and having a sense of normality around the home, I will admit that I miss my Christmas tree, tell me I'm not alone with my feelings here. One thing I love about the month of December is being able to pop on the Christmas tree lights as the darker afternoons set in.

I'm now thinking I need to invest in some pretty fairy lights to pop around my fireplace to brighten up the lounge, what do you think?

All that's left to say is one big Happy New Year to you all. I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and that January has been kind to you in it's beginnings. I'm personally not setting any resolutions or goals, I find it's more enjoyable to just taking things day by day. Here's to 2018 and whatever it may bring.


  1. Happy New Year! I Have also enjoyed getting back into my day to day routine. The break over Christmas and New year was so lovely but by January 1st I was craving a sense of normality... And a diet that wasn't 80% Quality Street choccies. #littleloves

  2. Happy new year lovely ! I'm reading one chapter a day at the moment so I can actually take in what's on the pages, I have a habit of speed reading and then wondering what the book was about so I know what you mean. Having Christmas food leftover is far too tempting, I've been gradually reducing the amount we buy over the years and it seems to be working. Have a lovely weekend x #LittleLoves

  3. I’m so with you on the Christmas goodies. Barely bought anything but between myself, my husband, and our 2 kids (only 3 and 1) we got 12 selection boxes plus other stuff! That’s a lot of chocolate in one house!

  4. I did the same and brought less this Christmas and we still have a lot to get through! I need to check out Black Mirror, I see that a lot of people like it x #LittleLoves

  5. Happy New Year! Book sounds ace to read throughout the year too. Love leftovers. Sounds like you had a good holiday for the festive period. #littleloves

  6. Happy New Year! I loved Eleanor and Park too, it was the first book of Rainbow Rowell's that I read! #LittleLoves xx

  7. Happy New Year! I'm supposed to be back on the healthy eating but leftover goodies are far too tempting. I need to check out Black Mirror. Everyone's talking about it and I have no clue! #littleloves

  8. Happy new year! I'd really like to read more books, I'll have to pop back for recemmendations! That sausage casserole looks delicious x #littleloves

  9. Love the sound of that book. I've not read anything by that author, I'm clearly missing out!
    The slow cooker is just perfect for this time of year. I really must utilise ours more, I'll have to pin some recipes to try from Pinterest.
    Thanks for joining in with Littleloves, hope this week has been a good one. xx

  10. Love the sound of that book. I will have to check it. I ah ent come across that author before. I’m loving my slow cooker at the moment. It makes so much easier.


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