Wednesday 24 January 2018

It's All About the Little Black Shoes

We've all heard about the little black dress but what about the little black shoes, you know the ones that can make any outfit complete, the ones you just know will go with what you're wearing. A classic that just won't go out of style. Now I already have my fair share of black shoes but when JD Williams got in touch to see if I'd like to review a pair or two of shoes/boots from their site, well as a sort of addict when it comes to buying shoes, I just couldn't resist.

A pair of shoes can make or break your outfit. They have the power to bring your look together as one, to make a statement. They don't always have to be bold to make a difference. Sometimes it is the simpler styles that actually look the best. Or if your clothing is kept simple a patterned shoe can suddenly make a piece of clothing look more expensive than what it really is. It's about knowing your own style and making the shoes work for you.

With a wide selection of shoes, boots and trainers in their footwear selection, it was hard to decide on what ones I could see myself wearing. In the end I decided to think of the occasions I'd like to wear them for. Casual day to day wear, work hours and of course those rare times that I get to go out and party. By the time I had been looking at their site for a what my husband will tell you was hours, I managed to narrow my selections down to just four pairs.

I opted for a pair of flats for work, two pairs of boots, one more casual and one slightly smarter and a simple pair of sandals for going out out. You can see more of the selection available here. Something I noticed when making my choices was that there was footwear for all budgets and all seasons, literally something for everyone. You don't have to stick to the little black shoe, you could perhaps go for something brighter depending on your own personality.

My eldest daughter was rather impressed with my choices too, especially when she realised that the pair of ballet shoe that I had chosen actually fit her feet as well, at least I know where that pair will be if I can't find them in my wardrobe! There's a great attention to detail with these, a lovely floral pattern hidden amongst sequins, I find them quite understated.

Now my favourite pair is actually the more casual boots I chose. In the colder months I live in boots and it seemed like fate when I got asked to do this because my then trusty pair of boots had started falling apart, literally. Being on my feet all day, I need my boots to be comfortable but I don't want to scrimp on style, the platform on the front of these makes them ideal and the added buckles give them a sort of biker look. 

On to the other pair of boots that I chose, these are what the kids would call totally in right now. With the added embroidery and velvet material, you can team them with a pair of skinny jeans or trousers or pop them on with your favourite dress, completely on trend. 

The final pair are simple and effortless. A timeless classic. The barely there sandal works for all occasions and this pair for me are perfect. The heel height isn't too high, what is described as a mid heel. The straps sit just where you need them to and you know if you're struggling to find another pair of sandals to work with an outfit, then these will always be there as a back up when needed. This is THE pair of little black shoes that you'll want in your shoe collection.

Whether you are a flats type of girl, a sophisticated woman that won't be seen without heels on, or someone who likes variety, JD Williams has the perfect little black shoe for you, the question is will it be the one pair or will you be needing a bigger wardrobe? 

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