Sunday 14 January 2018

My Sunday Photo 2018 #2

This is the second year running where I have bought a Poinsettia a couple of weeks before Christmas and I have managed to keep it alive well into January. I think it really has become my favourite plant because I really have to make very little effort and the vibrant colour of it brightens up my dining room table nicely.

Are there any other plants like these that are low maintenance? I'd love to be able to have more like this all year round rather than just during the festive period.



  1. Are poinsetta low maintenance? if so, they're going on my "plants to buy" list because we could do with some at home. Lovely colour red and great they have lasted so long.

    1. They really are, I only have to water it every few days.

  2. Beautiful colours, I love poinsettia they are colourful and robust.

    Thank you for linking up

  3. How wonderful. I do love flowers around the house. This looks beautiful.

  4. I love to see them thriving after Christmas is past

  5. Lovely photo. I still have my Christmas 2016 poinsettia, which is a definite record! It has lost all of its red leaves, but it is still going strong. My 2017 poinsettia is still alive, but shedding leaves fast. I think it will be gone before the 2016 one!

  6. My poinsettia is still going strong as well. It makes me happy to see it when I go in the kitchen :)


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